Mercury Retrograde Ends On Oct 9th – 5: Ways To Make Everyone Happy!

Virgin Malaysian Straight Hair 4 Bundles Quality Malaysian Straight Human Hair ExtensionsAble to able to hum the lyrics from the song, “Get Happy!” You may forget your troubles, and get ready to chase all of your cares away, because on October 9th Mercury retrograde is officially over. The planet Mercury goes “direct.” As the great one, comedian Jackie Gleason, use to say, “How sweet it’s!” (i.e. that it is over).

You were officially warned in my recent Mercury retrograde article that this cosmic event was happening over the past three weeks. In the course of the retrograde period, the world went haywire, crazy ideas were proposed, weird things happened, and your life was probably crammed with communication problems you don’t usually encounter.

This retrograde brought more than it’s share of crazy news stores that typify the strange behavior of people during this time. Listed here are a number of examples of what’s happened all over the world.

Mercury Retrograde News Stories

NEW YORK, Oct. 7 (Int’l. Business Times) — El Chapo Bounty On Donald Trump? $100M Reward Reportedly Offered By Mexican Fugitive For Candidate’s Head, “Dead or Alive.”

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 (UPI) — CEO Bradley Tilden, the top of Alaska Airlines, which proudly touts a baggage delivery guarantee policy, made an embarrassing confession — his own airline misplaced his luggage.

NEW YORK, Oct. 6 (MSNBC) Dr. Ben Carson advocates arming kindergarten teachers.

BRUMADINHO, Brazil, Sept. 30 (UPI) — A referee in a Brazilian soccer match is facing potential disciplinary action after he pulled a gun during a dispute a couple of call.

No matter the issues you encountered during this retrograde, should you do some simple things when Mercury goes direct, you may derive huge benefit and make yourself (or another person) very happy. Listed here are five ways to perform this.

Five Ways to Make Other People Happy!

1. Return your girlfriend’s talking-parrot, Freddy (who you swore flew out the window through the week you were house-sitting for her). Now is an excellent time to search out items you have lost (even a parrot, who screams, “Loser” each time he sees you.)

The direct period is a time to search out those things that were lost (or, that you simply had a hand in losing). Keep in mind, that we all lose things of value, even when Mercury shouldn’t be retrograde. However, throughout the retrograde, when people are especially careless and mistake-prone, there’s a higher propensity to lose important items reminiscent of money, clothes, rings or other valuables (or, even a parrot). The direct period is a very fortunate time to find, not only items that you’ve lost through the retrograde, but valuables you’ve lost over time. Make a list of any items you have lost recently, and even months, or years ago. Think back to when and where you lost them. Mentally, your mind is particularly sharp now, allowing you to recall details you had long forgotten. You’ll think of a new place you’ve never looked before and magically, your lost item might be there. Or, you may suddenly remember someone you need to contact who could make it easier to recover what you’ve got lost.

2. Apologize for what you said about your mother-in-law. Let your wife know that you mis-spoke when you referred to her as, “That nosy b*tch!”

Resolve misunderstandings that have occurred. All of us make mistakes in the best way we communicate with others. Unfortunately, we are likely to make a whole lot of them throughout the retrograde period. But what separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women are the way in which we clean them up, when we make them. If you’ve had an argument at work with a colleague or boss, or had an enormous fight with a loved one, or called a loved one’s mother a harsh name, Mercury direct is the best time to discuss what’s upset you, apologize or forgive someone. You may have the mental clarity to precise yourself appropriately and reach a new understanding that may resolve your upset and create a more harmonious relationship.

3. Make an appointment together with your hair stylist. . .Please! During the retrograde, you changed your hairdo. What a mistake! It is clear now that the Donald Trump “comb-over” look wasn’t best for you. Now that Mercury is direct, it is time to have your hair stylist do a make over and undo the damage, and stop the ridicule you’ve got endured from your family and friends. It’s time to “make this face great again.”

Before the retrograde began, you’ll have been evaluating areas of your life where you needed to make decisions. Perhaps, it was inconvenient to delay making those decisions, waiting for the three weeks of the retrograde to pass. (That is why you decided to change your hairstyle through the retrograde. Bad move!) But because the direct period begins, you’ll discover mistakes you might need made and learn some useful information you didn’t know. With these facts in hand, you may be able to make the best buying decision to purchase that expensive car or home, begin a new project with greater confidence of success, more competently select a new attorney for estate planning or a plastic surgeon in your cosmetic surgery.

4. Thank the Lord that 3 weeks ago, you said “no” to those job offers running Rick Perry and Scott Walker’s campaign. Happily now you can accept that other job opportunity to work for Bernie Sanders.

In the course of the retrograde, you might have had some confusion about whether to simply accept a promotional opportunity or a brand new job offer. However, when Mercury goes direct those doubts might be gone. The fog lifts and your vision is 20/20. You’re now able to judge the great, bad and the ugly of any employment opportunity and chose the one that’s best for you. It is also a positive time to begin a brand new position because you will be communicating clearly without the confusion that causes misunderstandings or bad first impressions.

5. Admit to Your co-workers that your recent promotional idea was pretty dumb. Let them know that you simply understand why they burned your picture in effigy in the company lunchroom as a throng of employees loudly cheered and clapped. Thank them for not doing it at “Burning Man!”

Mercury retrograde is a time to slow down, reflect and re-evaluate all of your plans and projects. Re-consider your ideas and what you have learned. If you have consciously done this – you are now more conscious of changes you can make to enhance it. That can assist you with this task, make a listing of people you have had questions on, projects you considered undertaking, and activities you were contemplating. Ask yourself: what have you learned about them that you did not know three weeks ago? This new knowledge will assist you to make needed changes and more successful decisions.

Make the most of this period of sanity when the world is no longer quite as crazy, that is, until January 5, 2016 when the subsequent Mercury retrograde begins. Until then, get busy; you’ve some things to do to make some people very happy.

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