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Purchase Avid Liquid Pro 7 Cheap

Purchase Avid Liquid Pro 7 cheap
Straight Hair Lace Frontal Closure Free Part 100% Real Human HairIt’s business as usual for Pinnacle’s consumer products, but the corporate’s professional offerings face a more uncertain future. Subsumed into Avid’s existing range, Liquid is now sitting alongside products like Xpress DV, with which it used to compete. But a minimum of Avid is showing willing by releasing the new version almost as soon as the ink has dried on the takeover contract.

Liquid 7 doesn’t look particularly different to 6.1. The most obvious interface distinction is the series of stages added along the highest right. These give access to wizards and utilities revolving around Input, Edit and Output. Many of the utilities existed in previous versions, with the notable exception of EZ Capture. It is a simplified video acquisition utility with FireWire device control, able to bringing in footage from DV and HDV sources. You may even convert DV on to MPEG2 or 1 on-the-fly, but not HDV. With the Professional version, you may as well capture DivX 5. Although EZ Capture allegedly includes content-based scene detection, we didn’t find this worked, and the utility is certainly nowhere near as streamlined because the scan/capture applets available with many consumer-grade options. But EZ Capture is quite a bit less opaque than Liquid’s logging tool and at least allows you to name your files yourself rather than be forced right into a preset naming convention.

The range of formats Liquid can edit natively has been extended too. In addition to DV and MPEG, now you can place WMV9 directly onto the timeline and, with the Professional version, DivX 5 as well. Existing users shall be relieved to listen to that Liquid not insists on de-muxing audio and video into separate files, so you don’t have to wait once you import footage any more.

Real-time editing has been certainly one of Liquid’s key strengths since GPU-accelerated effects arrived with version 5, and a number of latest real-time filters have been added. The pick of the bunch is the White Balance filter, which allows you to use a colour picker to choose an object within the frame that is meant to be white, with everything else adjusted accordingly.

The Linear Time Warp can be now real-time, although only with DV footage: applying this to HDV managed to bring our dual-Opteron test system to its knees. The Linear Time Warp also loses its real-time ability with DV if you use the dynamic controls to vary the speed of the clip across its duration. The image stabiliser is potentially handy, but it surely does not appear to have any user-customisable parameters, and isn’t up to the standard of the lite version of 2d3’s SteadyMove that comes with Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

Basically, we found real-time performance had marginally improved with HDV, but it still can’t match Canopus EDIUS. Where the latter is able to combine as many as three streams of 1080i HDV in real-time, Liquid can barely manage two, and never every filter might be applied even to a single stream. However, this is hardly a killer blow: DV performance shall be sufficient on a 3GHz Pentium 4 or better PC to offer you four or five layers in real-time with the odd filter applied – more than enough for most editing jobs.

Over 60 new filters have been added. Of those, 56 come from the Commotion compositing software and include a plethora of blurs, colour-balancing tools, distortions, numerous keying facilities, particle effects and stylised special effects. On top of this, the Lighting filter gives real-time access to foreground and background light controls, which adds yet another way of tweaking brightness and contrast. Liquid already had a healthy complement of filters, so while they won’t all be of everyday use you’re bound to seek out just a few useful every now and then.

As well as the DivX support, the premium you pay for Liquid 7 Pro adds the flexibility to output HDV to an analog SD monitor, which is potentially useful while true HD monitors remain so expensive. However, you will also need the box to output to any analog monitor. And herein lies Liquid’s continued problem. Despite all of natural hot oil hair treatment the editing power you get with the usual version, you really need the Pro box for some essential advanced features, particularly the ability to preview your real-time editing as it could look on a TV screen. You should utilize one screen from a dual-monitor setup for a full-screen view, but this would possibly not allow you to ensure the action fits properly inside the TV bezel, or safe area, as it is known.

Liquid 7 will appeal mostly to its existing core audience, who appreciate its ability to take footage from tape to optical disc multi functional interface. The wedding and corporate video crowd may even find the inclusion of SmartSound handy. By simply specifying a few parameters, this system gives you music that will fill any space you like – great for adding a quick bit of muzak to your video.

Buy Avid Liquid Pro 7 cheap
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