New Moby Video Depicts Donald Trump’s Rise And A Violent Demise

Without saying a lot, over time [I’ve] somehow managed to become friends with people in intelligence services in numerous countries. And that i met up with some of them a number of months ago, they usually were talking in regards to the Russian dossier and how everyone related to it is being killed off.

And the thing that sort of scared them essentially the most, was the false pretenses that the Trump administration were drumming as much as try to go to war. Specifically at that time they were concerned about, I believe it was the USS Cole, was antagonizing Iran. And the Trump administration was hoping that Iran would do something that might justify us going to war with Iran.

So one reason I posted that was in my very own way to let the administration know that the intelligence communities and I’m unsure the one person doing this but there was awareness of what they were doing.

I Tip Peruvian Straight Human Virgin HairAnd the opposite stuff I posted like within the post I said take a look at Michael Flynn and a week later he was fired. Just as a way, again I can’t say an excessive amount of, but just as a way of kind of like, trying to add legitimacy to the opposite things that I used to be writing about.

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