One of the best Wave Of My Life And The Lesson I Learned

Malaysian Straight Skin PU Tape In Hair Extensions Black Pink Tape In Human Hair ExtensionsIt was a median day with plenty of sunshine and we had been out for an hour or so. There have been about twenty of us competing for waves and we had a right hand break that if you happen to went through a re-form of the wave the length of you wave may very well be about 50 to 80 meters.

I caught a wave and instantly dropped a steep face into a tube that had me placed about six to eight feet inside of the break. I traveled in there for about thirty to forty feet and then I came out of the tube, took my board to the lip and did a re- entry and re positioned and went into another tube that went an extra twenty feet or so. I came out of that tube and quickly entered another before moving onto the reform and that i rode the wave all of the approach to the shallow water where I stepped off into shallow water.

I quickly went out and shared my wave with my elder brother and it was dismissed as he shared three or so waves he had ridden and so I assumed that all I had to show for myself was a fond memory. Getting three tubes in one wave is pretty rare and getting out of all of them is even rarer.

Years later I was walking right down to the same beach with my elder brother and one of many town’s best surfers. My brother was having a go at me and this guy spoke up. He told my brother in all his time on the beach he had not often seen a better wave ridden then the wave he saw me ride someday. I asked him if it was the one with three tubes and he shook his head and agreed that it was.

The lesson I learned that day was it doesn’t matter what you do in life there may be always a witness. God is always our witness. I’ve also learned to have fond memories of events I’ve had in my life. I will always remember that wave, I was never an ideal surfer but I did enjoy myself and at one time I was quite slim.

Just remember guys. Someone is always watching you even when you’re alone.

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