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Ten Cars That can Still Look Great In 2017

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Every generation is exclusive in terms or fashion and lifestyle. There was a time when people used to wear bell bottoms and have long hair. All of us are drawn to trends and alter them according to every season. It’s our nature and we leave all of the older things behind. But a few of these trends last forever like wooden floors.

These are in fashion till now and can exist sooner or later as well. This trend is followed in case of cars and other automobiles as well. Some cars like the 1964 Ford Mustang will always be cherished as an antique car and symbol of true excellence whereas cars like Ford Pinto usually are not going to last, even for next ten paula jones wigs year. It’s best to purchase a vehicle that may look good even after a decade. In this article, we’re going to debate some cars which shall be cherished after a decade, i.e. 2022, and even after that.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic is a car that’s noticed everywhere, some people avoid buying this car for the very same reason. Its attractive design and appears made it so appealing. Honda Civic has everything that a long-term car should have. It is affordable, simply designed, a practical car. Its aerodynamic structure and low air resistant design allows it to perform nearly as good as 26/34mpg. With the rising price of fuel, it’s obvious to have more cars like Honda Civic sooner or later.

Aston Martin Virage
Aston Martin Virage is designed out of the bound of time. This car presents an ideal combination of the great design and engineering technology of Aston Martin. This car is powered by 48-valve all-alloy quad overhead V12 camshaft engine with the capacity of up to 5935 cc. This car can produce power up to 500bhp and might reach 0-60miles within 4.5 seconds. This car is often known for its great design and look. The body of the car is made as much as Magnesium alloy, aluminum and composite body. Aston Martin Virage will enjoy the identical status, even after a decade.

Jeep Wrangler
It doesn’t matter if you’re adventurous or not, a boxy car will always be in fashion. The history of Jeep goes back to WWII when it started to arrange for the US military. These Jeeps are in demand even after seventy years of production with structure similar to that of the Wrangler. The structure of Jeep hasn’t changed, it still comes with elongated front grill and classic box shape. It’s for sure that Jeep goes to be the identical great historical vehicle enjoying its glory.

McLaren MP4-12C
McLaren was the first supercar developed for F1 purpose, its been dominating the world ever since. As per the latest news, the company will supply a limited variety of GT3 car for privateers. This car is often seen as the most effective supercar made in Britain and introduce in 2011. The car is powered by 4-valve M383T V8 engine capable of producing as much as 500bhp power. The car is designed for racing tracks and it will remain as among the best racing cars in 2022 as well.

Chrysler 300
People who are looking out for something jazzier than Honda Civic or Ford Fusion should consider this car. The car is boxier than the opposite two and the overall design is timeless. It was designed as a mixture of two of great cars: Rolls Royce and Bentley. So it comes from a family of cars known for his or her craftsmanship since last 100 years. This is a car that will age gracefully paula jones wigs and it’ll maintain same style even after a decade.

Mercedes Benz G-Class
This car is designed for rough terrain and military driving purposes. It is de facto hard to get something like Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV. These vehicles have created millions of fans and successful customers in last 30 years. This car is still in production due to its large number of customers and it is offered in two different models in North America: G550 and G555 AMG. Most of those cars are built on special orders and its truck like design gives a class of its own.

Mini Cooper
Mini Copper is an English vehicle which is extremely popular among American people. The unique design and great performance of this car ensures that it will be loved in future as well. The production of the car goes back to 1959 when it was known for its super cute and super small design. It’s car that’s loved by generations and it has improved greatly with time. This car was like by the parents and now their children can purchase this car. This story will continue even in 2022 maintaining the same name and glory of this car.

Dodge Challenger
The classic design of Challenger is still fresh and admired by its lovers. It’s a car that’s always able to hit the race tracks and as per the experts, this car will perform in the same manner in the subsequent generations to return. It is known as a troublesome and powerful muscle car and it is accessible in numerous levels: R/T, R/T Classic and SE. The car is fuel efficient and gives a mean of 18mpg in city and 27mpg over the highway.

Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royce Phantom has a timeless design with no possibilities of getting retired in next ten years or so. This ultra-luxury Sedan was first developed after the flag ownership of BMW. It has classy looks combined with some great hands on technology used in developing the car. It’s 500lbs lighter than its nearest competitor BMW MayBach. Its V12 engine provides enough power to provide you with that joy while riding it in the years to return.

Volkswagen Beetle
The inspiration of all new Beetle goes back to 1930s and the vehicle still maintains the shape which supplies it the charm and beauty it has. It’s designed for both sportier and fuel efficient car with the latest model offered in Diesel engine. This car is going to keep up its design and performance in the coming ten years.

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