Pouring Rain In the VI For Next 8 Days

Many Virgin Island activities, attractions and other things to do are open no matter weather, and there’s lot of fun things for you to do both indoors and out!

Virgin Filipino Body Wave Human Hair 3 Bundles 100% Human Hair WeavesHere’s a listing of some rainy-day activities to get your loved ones out of home, enjoying some of what our islands has to offer!

#1: Top of the list is to GET A MASSAGE after all. Do a Spa day. Of course that’s no surprise coming from someone who owns and operate the top rated Massage Spa within the VI but no matter our bias its one among the easiest rainy day activities. Treat yourself with a nice luxurious Spa Day: Massage, reflexology, foot bath, facial, body-scrub – whatever you choose! Sounds great, does not it?! Visit A Spa to pamper yourself!

#2: See a Show: A movie theater is a fabulous strategy to spend an afternoon or evening while your car sits within the parking lot getting a bath.

#3: Shop, shop, shop: Ladies you knew this would be on the list, right?! Clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, fruits & veggies, jewelry, decor, electronics and more… the VI has tons of boutique shops and outlet stores and have all of it!

#4: Do an Internal Cleanse – it is always a fantastic idea to cleanse the body occasionally of unwanted toxins and waste. Actually many health practitioners and lots of religions recommend it not less than quarterly. There’s nothing that can compare for increased energy and vitality. And rainy days are perfect for this form of healing activity.

#5: App Hopping: also called appetizer crawling. One in all our favourite activities. You simply select a bit of the island, as an example Red Hook, then you definitely start hitting one place after another. The rule is one appetizer per establishment. Grab an app and a drink and move on. Next, next, next. A great deal of fun and once other know what you’re doing you may sure to nearly always have followers along the best way. Oh, for this one you will want an umbrella – no less than for the subsequent 8 days.

#6: Zipline: Even when it is raining, it is actually an amazing time to go outside and do something a bit extreme. How about Zip-lining. I do know, I know – touristy thing, right? (see #3 above) Well true but it is off season and it could be great fun. It’s a completely different strategy to experience the beauty VI, and get a little bit wet in the process!

Here are a few other family-oriented activities to do while it rains buckets within the VI:

Have an Indoor Treasure Hunt

Make Your individual Bubble Bath

Create a Family Recipe Book

Camp in the nice Indoors (add pillow fight)

Invent a (No-Batteries) Game

Deep-Condition Your Hair

Bake Up Some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Organize Your personal Film Festival

Hold a Popcorn Popping Contest

Host a “Tea” Party (maybe Bush Tea)

Pamper Yourself With a Skin-Softening Mud

Call Your friends Around For A Drink

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