Pressure Washer Concrete Cleaning Equipment

Virgin Filipino Body Wave Human Hair 3 Bundles 100% Human Hair WeavesCleaning concrete is tough and there is an easy way and a tough way. There is one thing you need to understand if you find yourself pressure washer cleaning concrete; the concrete cannot always be made to look brand new again after it has been stained. You’ll be able to always get stains lighter or bleached but completely removing it is extremely difficult, sometimes you get lucky, but in case you are searching for perfection, chances are high you’ll be underwhelmed. So when talking to customers allow them to know up front and explain this to them otherwise they are going to be asking for a job that just cannot be done unless the whole concrete slab is ripped up and re-poured.

Let’s speak about equipment that is required for this type of work. Remember safety is always important when working with a pressure washer. Some times there are chemicals involved in cleaning some stains. Thus, it’s best to always use some type of eye protection. Also, when you’re using chemicals it’s worthwhile to wear jeans to guard your legs. Chemicals made for concrete are very strong and shouldn’t be toyed with. Would a person rather work with dry feet or wet? It is suggested that you simply get rubber waders or some type of rubber boot. They may keep your feet from getting wet and keep them from getting burned by the 250 degree water.

Orange cones are also important to have for this job. These help make people visually aware that you’re there if you are in a high traffic area or where there are quite a lot of contract workers at say a newly constructed house that needs the concrete cleaned. This makes everyone around you safe and you’re helping prevent accidents. After all you’re going to wish a Hydro-Twister for this job. You may technically do the job with a wand but it would take much more time and water, not to say you could cause streaking if you are not using even strokes across the slab of concrete. Most of the brand new hot water pressure washers have an option of a hydro twister type unit but if you do not have one and or you need a second unit we recommend that you go to buy one. When buying a hydro twister buy the larger of the two. There my be only a 5 inch difference in surface coverage but it is well worth it when you are trying to save lots of time without cutting corners. Especially if you’re cleaning concrete at a construction site or a large retail type box store, there is loads of concrete and the faster you clean it the extra money you will make. Give it some thought.

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