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So, Lovelies, a bit of an exclusive for you. . .
In real life, I’ve only told four people about my forthcoming nose job, the one planned for next week!!!

Yep, I’m getting a nose job next Tuesday.
Everyone has that one imperfection that they’re slightly more conscious of then every other and mine is my nose. It is not that I have ever cried myself to sleep at night due to my nose or that I see a monster when i look within the mirror or somebody ‘skanky’ as one gentleman suggested last year but at the identical time, like sometimes once i have a look at my hair and see it needs a wash or at my lashes and they need some mascara, I can see there is slightly room for improvement.

I’ve worn this nose for almost 32 years, I’ve grown more fond of it as the years have gone on and ironically am probably right now happier with it and my look then I’ve ever been but I am also a happier ME if that makes any sense. I am trying to be the best person I can be and have flippin’ worked hard to become the person I am and I would like my appearance to reflect that.

I do not think I should be dismissed by anyone after three or four seconds simply because they’ve caught my profile from the wrong angle. I assume, I feel I must be my own best advert and while this may be a little vain (and show I’ve little else to fret about), who cares, if you are honest, you always make some form of judgement about somebody in the primary couple of seconds while you see them from that sweet old lady to a teenager that’s maybe trying a bit too hard (yep, that was probably me, probably still is, despite the fact that I’m in my thirties) Me changing my nose doesn’t hurt anybody else and in fact, if it makes me more confident and happy then this will only have an excellent knock-on effect for those around me!

Luckily I’ve never been bullied due to my nose. My father has a prominent nose (which actually flatters him rather well, not fair!) and I think, he passed this to me which would have been OK (almost distinguished) if I’d been a bloke but on my short stumpy little female body, it will possibly look out of place, mainly in pictures and in profile. I need to have a go at wearing a nose which softens my face and complements the pretty clothes I like to wear and almost flatters me when I’m caught off-guard by a camera.

To be honest, in real life, I’ve not got much of an issue with the way in which my nose or indeed, face looks from the front. Well, no more then the following girl. Come on, all of us want those razor sharp cheek bones and pearly white teeth. Yes, there may be nothing discreet about my nose front on but it seems to suit my face. I’ve big eyes and average sized lips so my big nose looks sort of balanced until it’s captured on camera where it often looks thrice bigger and blurred even from the front.

And then there’s the side profile, an angle that fortunately I do not view myself from often but that whenever I do, I am struck with a little shock and disappointment. From the side, I’m not the person I imagine myself to be or know that I’m inside. My profile may be very severe and sometimes it looks as if I have a beak and that my face is made up of a few jigsaws where the pieces have got mixed up. It looks so wrong and although it would be a lie to say that it has ever made me sob, a fast side look in the changing room can put me on edge and has cast an enormous grey cloud over many what otherwise would have been fun shopping days for me.

I also are likely to blame my nose when things go wrong like a relationship or a friendship. I decide that the issue wasn’t me but my profile and that suddenly these people had seen it a lot and it just wasn’t adequate for them anymore. Well, obviously if that was true then they would not be good enough for me but in addition, this nose, maybe I hide behind it a bit and deceive myself that the only thing about me that turns people off or needs improvement is my nose when the reality is there are so many things I could do to improve myself a little, eat more fruit, become less judgemental, join a gym. At the moment, in the back of my mind maybe I hide behind my nose and think, why bother blogging more or joining a gym if my nose will undo all the great work anyway ! When my rhinoplasty leads to a brilliant-duper new nose (hopefully!), I will either need to find a extremely, really good new excuse to avoid doing all of those good things or I’ll just have to get off my backside and do them!

I wasn’t sure it could be enough to inform the surgeon that my nose looked like a ‘beak’ after i had my consultation so I took somewhat time deconstructing my nose and deciding exactly what it was about it that made it in to this horrible beak I see from the side. I identified three things.

1/ My nose is bigger then my frame. Though my facial features are reasonably big and i can pull off the prominent nose from the front, from the side or at an angle and in photos, it looks severe, almost artificial and quality wigs for women stuck on especially full length considering my small, short body frame.

2/ I’ve a bump towards the upper bridge of my nose. I believe this bump is what impacts the profile so negatively and have noticed that even the bump shouldn’t be parallel on each side of the bridge.

Virgin Filipino Body Wave Human Hair 3 Bundles 100% Human Hair Weaves3/ I feel from my profile, the skin running along the bridge of my nose looks to run too far and hangs somewhat too long over my nostrils.

Granted, the sunshine isn’t flattering anyway but eurgh!!!
After two consultations talking to my Co-ordinator and Surgeon on the clinic, there are two majors plans of action for Tuesday and one possible.

1/ The Surgeon, Co-ordinator and i all agree that the bump on my nose might be reduced (if not, extinguished completely) significantly for a more ascetically pleasing look.

2/ The Co-ordinator and Surgeon both pointed out that the bridge of my nose was quite high and the surgeon would like to remove some of the cartilage from the sides.

3/ The Surgeon and Co-ordinator actually think my tip isn’t a serious priority and might be enhanced to a point by the 2 actions above but when he’s able and it seems fitting then the Surgeon has agreed that he will play with the tip slightly to reinforce the final results of my rhinoplasty experience.

I am very excited about this little journey and really wish to share it with you but I need to put some disclaimer babble out there too.

Firstly, although cosmetic surgery is increasingly common, it is a medical procedure and it is advisable to do your research and think very carefully before signing up for anything. There are quite a lot of possible results and unintended effects. Lots of them are usually not very appealing and could possibly be potentially life-altering.

Secondly, I’m in my thirties and have spent many years giving this nose a go and we got along OK but because you only get one life, I need to see if there’s a nose that may be made slightly more bespoke, feminine and flattering for me. I’ve had a long time to return to this decision and have known since I used to be about 18 that sooner or later this would be a choice I would make. I also feel that at this point in my life I could cope if the operation or final look did not go to plan.

Thirdly, cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be cheap. I will probably do a post about my Surgeon, Company of choice etc but for now, I will just say that even working in a full-time job doing as many extra hours as I possibly can (sometimes I do more then 60 hours a week), I’ve needed to think very carefully about if this investment is affordable or worthwhile for me.

Fourthly. there’s a number of logistics involved. Luckily, my cosmetic providers have been been brilliant thus far and really helped but I have had to arrange a fortnight off work, places to remain while I recover, someone to come back and chaperone me plus a nice supply of cold and medical remedies for the possible unwanted effects which will result.

Fifth, I have to just accept that even my surgeon can’t guarantee perfect results. He can kind of guarantee that it will be better from an objective point of view but obviously my view might differ and it is very unlikely the final result can be exactly as I envision. In actual fact, everybody reacts differently and even a surgeon can’t be sure of your final result or look and that brings me to my final point, it could take a few year for the swelling of the operation to disappear and your nose to reveal its true self. In the meantime, you might experience several very different nose looks included very swollen ones!

I’m hoping to blog lots when I’m tucked away recovering for a fortnight so let me know if there’s anything you desire to me to cover both in regards to the nose job and generally, post-wise

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery Do you know anyone who has had rhinoplasty Are you considering a cosmetic procedure What would you consider for those who were

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