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Top 10 Celebrities With Stunning Cornrow Hairstyles

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Top 10 Celebrities With Stunning Cornrow Hairstyles
Updated on December 8, 2011 suwarnaadi moreContact Author History of Cornrows
This unique style has its roots in Africa, and involves braiding hair very near the scalp. A basic underhand-upward motion is used to create raised rows of braids.

While commonly formed in straight lines, some stylists offer the options to have braids formed in complex curves or geometric patterns. They can be decorated with quite a lot of objects, including beads and cowrie shells. In lots of parts of the world, both men and women wear this hair-style. Within the some regions of the United Kingdom and the Caribbean, this style is called canerows.

Cornrows are known for his or real hair extention her easy maintenance. When properly cared for, these braids can remain in place for several weeks. Routine care includes carefully washing and oiling the braids and scalp. These are important steps which help prevent the build-up of dandruff and loss of hair.

This trend dates back to prehistoric times. Ancient Stone Age paintings from the Sahara Desert depict women wearing cornrows. These artifacts date back to three,000 B. C. For males, the tradition dates back to the early 1800s, when Ethiopian warriors and kings traditionally had their hair fashioned in this manner.

As a part of the African diaspora, this cultural tradition began to spread to many parts of the world. Within the United States, its popularity expanded in the course of the Black Nationalist Movements of the 1960s and 1970s. As a part of the trend toward ethnic pride, many chose to wear their hair in styles which accentuated its natural texture. The practice of unnaturally straightening hair with lye-based relaxers became very unpopular.

The top 10 celebrities with stunning cornrow hairstyles continue to impact pop culture. Their fields are very diverse. They include entrepreneurship, acting, singing, producing, sports and dancing.

1. Bo Derek
Many contemporary and vintage celebrities have kept this cultural tradition within the fore-front of pop culture. When Bo Derek, a popular blond actress, began to wear beaded cornrows through the late 1970s, she introduced the tradition to those with Caucasian ancestors, and the trend quickly crossed ethnic lines.

Bo Derek cornrows hairstyle. 2. Tom Kaulitz
In addition to Bo Derek, other celebrities who’re notable for wearing this style include Tom Kaulitz. Born in Leipzig, Germany during 1989, Kaulitz is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and model. Also born in 1989, Lil Mama is a brand new-York native. Born as Naitia Jessica Kirkland, she is a well known dancer, singer-songwriter, rapper and musician. Her debut album, VYP (Voice of the Young People) was released during 2008.

Tom Kaulitz cornrows hairstyle. 3. Allen Iverson
Allen Iverson was born in Virginia in 1975. He is has been an expert basketball player since 1996. He specialties are the positions of shooting and point guard. During his career, he has played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies and Besiktas in Turkey.

Allen Iverson cornrows hairstyle. 4. Lil Mama
She is American rapper return false;” />See results How one can Do Cornrows
Learn to Do: CornrowsA step-by-step DVD will teach you methods to do cornrows from start to finish.

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Cornrows – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cornrows, often known as braids, are a standard African style of hair grooming where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, real hair extention raised row.

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