red extensions in black hair

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Natural Hair Growth 101|natural Hair Care & Hair Development Tips

My identify is Latrice (aka Ms Lala) and I am here that will help you on your hair growth journey. I have had natural hair for over 12 years. I grew my hair lengthy with a simple methodology I call the three M’s of Hair Care- Reduce Breakage, Maximize Development, Maintain Progress. Take the quiz below to determine the place you must start on your journey to long wholesome hair.

High Quality Virgin Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles 9 Colors On Sale1. When combing and styling my hair I notice
a. Small items of hair on red extensions in black hair the sink or within the comb when I’m completed
b. A few items of hair however mostly longer strands of shed hair
c. No breakage, solely shed hair
2. Once i touch my hair it feels
a. Dry and brittle
b. Delicate nevertheless it could possibly be more moisturized
c. My hair feels fully moisturized
three. Look at the ends of your hair. What do you notice
a. Cut up ends and or single strand knots on many strands
b. A couple of splits or knots right here and there
c. Not one of the above
4. Which of the following greatest describes your hair growth
a. I can inform my hair is rising however it seems to stay the same size
b. My hair seems to grow slowly
c. My hair is growing but I wish to retain extra length or continue to maintain the size I’ve
5. How would you describe you hair routine or hair regimen
a. Regimen, what’s that
b. I have a regimen but it must be improved

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red extensions in black hair

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