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4 Ways To arrange Your Hair Before You Install Weaving Hair

Braiding hair might be an extended and arduous process. Sometimes, looking your best can take hours. It’s important to organize your natural hair before an install. If you’re willing to take that much time to get the look you want, why wouldn’t you want it to last as long as possible?

With slightly know-how and slightly time, you can prepare your hair to look it’s best for weeks while it’s braided. Better of all, if treated properly, your hair might be easier to braid leading to less time through the installation process.

Listed here are four ways to organize your hair for the install process.

Take heed to your hair- Not literally. Hearken to what your hair is telling you. If your scalp is dry and flaky, treat dandruff with the precise shampoo and the fitting products. If hair seems brittle, it’s especially important to take measures to strengthen it. Try to fix any pre-existing hair issues a minimum of two weeks before you braid, your scalp, hair and stylist will thank you for it.

Wash- Don’t run to your stylist or install with out a freshly clean scalp. Before you start the install process is your last chance to get access to loose hair, it must be among the best shampooing and conditioning experiences of your life. Take your time and consider using clarifying shampoo for best results.

Deep Condition- Deep condition your hair so as to add extra strength and moisture. Keep this in your hair for no less than a half hour, but not overnight as some might recommend. If deep conditioning isn’t your thing, try a leave-in treatment several hours before the braiding process begins.

Detangle- Take your time running through your hair and detangling as much as possible. This can seem like a long process and something your stylist should do, but it should save your scalp in the long run. Stylists will undergo tangled hair with a fine-toothed comb, a painful process that ends in an excellent amount of breakage. Handle this part yourself to make installs painless and straightforward.

Spend the time preparing your hair and scalp for braiding, and you’ll enjoy your new style for weeks and weeks to come back. When you’re ready to search for brand spanking new inspiration, take a look at our inventory of African Collection, Crochet Braids, Bobbi Boss Crochet Braids and all other things weaving hair.

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