Sew You Wanna Sew

Virgin 4 Bundles Straight Peruvian Hair Weave Deals Human Hair ExtensionsIn our first article “Sew, You Wanna Sew?” we attempted to identify what a true novice to sewing is. A novice in the truest sense is someone who has no previous experience and/or knowledge in a particular subject. Another definition is an individual who’s new to a selected field or activity.

Secondly, we suggested that the “wanna-be sewer/crafter” research a beginner’s class. There are lots of outlets and places where one can take a class. One can enroll at an area fabric/craft store, community center, community college, recreation center. The internet has sewing organizations that certify professional and trained sewing instructors that can be hired for private instruction.

Additionally, either before one enrolls in a beginning class or during the method, one should take full advantage of the internet and search engines like google to search out beginning and free resources tools. Many individuals have created blogs and websites with free information. For instance, there are free sites that define various sewing terminology. If the seeker were able to do some research on the web before actually enrolling in a category, this may fit to their advantage when they attend a class because they will at least be somewhat acquainted with what the instructor is referring to.

Next, do not be timid in asking questions. If something doesn’t sound right, if you do not understand what the instructor is saying, then ask the question. In case you are uncomfortable in asking a question openly, then perhaps consider approaching the instructor either before or after class to ask your questions.

Some instructors provide their personal home number and/or email address if a student has a class-related question that either they were unable to ask during class time or if they have a question that will come up in between class time.

The saying goes “There isn’t a such thing as a dumb question.” If any instructor appears either by their response and/or countenance that they do not need to answer a question, or if they seem uncomfortable with students asking questions, then one should seriously examine that and try to speak with the instructor privately. If that approach does not work, then you definitely may need to speak with the store manager, supervisor, or whomever is over the instructor (one on one situations are the exception).

I realize that having a pleasing and profitable learning experience the first time may determine your future outcome with sewing or crafting.

Overall, we desire that you’ve a nice experience in your first class as a new sewer/crafter.

We trust that you will take a few of these practical suggestions into consideration. Stay tuned for more and Happy Sewing!

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