Sleeping After Keratin Hair Treatment

A keratin treatment transforms curly, frizzy hair to sleek and straight with just one visit to the salon. The treatment — which seals keratin proteins into your hair and leaves it less frizzy and more manageable — requires careful maintenance afterward to keep your hair looking its best. This includes care while sleeping.

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Keratin treatments last between three to 5 months. The length is decided, in large part, by how you care on your hair. Spend money on a silk or satin pillowcase to keep your hair in its best shape. Silk and satin reduce the quantity of friction between your hair and your pillow when you sleep, resulting in less breakage. Other fabrics deplete hair of moisture while satin and silk will not dehydrate your hair, which implies your strands stay shiny and straight for longer.

Initial Maintenance
Be very careful along with your hair right after a keratin treatment. The thought is to keep your hair straight until the keratin treatment sets. For up to four days afterward, you run the chance of your strands kinking up for those who manipulate them an excessive amount of. Take extra care when you sleep during the first few days. Don’t use elastic hair ties or pin your hair up in any way.

Fixing Kinks
If you wake up and realize your hair is a bit bent out of practice, grab your flat iron or blow dryer and restraighten your hair immediately. Take care to not get your hair wet for 72 hours after your treatment. If your hair accidentally gets wet within the shower during those first few days, immediately blow dry it.

Other Maintenance
After a keratin treatment, pick your shampoos carefully. Shampoos containing sodium-sulfate strip your hair of keratin, so use sulfate-free formulas. Chlorinated and salt water also strip keratin, so avoid swimming. In case you absolutely need to take a dip, first rinse your hair with water or apply a leave-in conditioner. Both help to dam chlorine and salt water from penetrating the hair shaft. Immediately rinse your hair as soon as you’re done swimming.

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