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Keri Hilson’s “Turnin’ Me On” Remix

Dissing Beyonce and Ciara or Nicole of PCD
Keri Hilson now deemed ‘Miss Keri baby’, has released her first album ‘In an ideal World’. While she is a brand new recording artist she is understood for her musical writings. If you have not heard her music you’d should living under a rock somewhere. Her hit ‘Turnin Me on” featuring Lil’ Wayne grew to be a ridiculously huge anthem. Just as her new release ‘Knock you Down’ Featuring Neyo and Kanye West, is a hit, drama stirs around a song not featured on her album. The Turnin’ Me On Remix with T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne has become the cause for interrogation. She begins her verse by admitting that she “ain’t tryna start no mess”.

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A clear indicator that whatever bars she’s about to spit might be offensive to someone! The question is, who’s she offending Now, Ms. Hilson openly admitted that she was referring to artists in general, but let’s look on the facts shall we She says “she” throughout your complete verse! Not ‘ya’ll ‘or ‘they’ which would be targeting a general audience of current singers, but a selected artist that small medium box braids she has some form of feelings about. Though she does not state names the excitement is that she’s referring to ‘Queen’ Beyonce and hit maker Ciara because of the lyrics. But, they are heavy weights and veterans that she quite literally can’t touch yet, right Well the opposite thought is that Keri is coming at Nicole Scherzinger of PCD. It does make sense and Nicole is a better match for Keri to come back at but why do all of us think she’s talking to those artists, and who is she talking about for crying out loud

Could it be Beyonce
On this bar she makes reference to certainly one of Beyonce’s megahits ‘To the Left’, the bar states ” yo’ vision cloudy when you think that you simply the best, you can dance you can sing but need to move it to the left”. Now we all know Beyonce has said she has been “the primary Diva in the game” (from ‘Im’a Diva’ off of I am Sasha Feirce album). Which quite frankly is true! But she has never downed her contenders by saying she was better than them or the best in game. Besides so many have said that foe her why would she need too! Keri goes further to say, “she need to go have some babies, she need to sit down she fadin” (or fake depending on where you cop the lyrics). We all know Beyonce to be private and a job model not to say her stuff is hotttttt! Maybe Keri should take her own advice and “check the credits”! LOL… Anyway if she is talking about B, she’s scarily close in age, 26 to Beyonce’s age of 27, so if she feels B should cool out should not she …

Maybe it’s Ciara
Keri seemingly comes for Cee Cee by saying, “go ahead and tell them folks how long I been writing your songs, I been puttin’ you on, just check the credits…” WOW…So what you wrote someone’s songs! Is that how you’re feeling about all of the work you have done over time Keri … I sure hope not!

Or is it really Nicole
“To the Left, to the Left”, is a famous and almost religious saying that many artists have borrowed because it is so hot! So Ms. Keri baby, could very well be chopping at another person’s block. Keri coming at Nicole makes probably the most sense because Nicole is 30 (“she must go have some babies, she need to sit down…”), has referred to herself as the most effective and has many a song written by Keri. Not to mention in the remix Keri says, “them other chicks aint even worth my time to speak about”, the other chicks of PCD maybe

Either way it is a hot topic raising eyebrows and hindering people from buying Keri’s album, or so the general public says. Bottom line Keri may be an established writer but all of those women, Beyonce, Ciara and Nicole have proven to be entertainment powerhouses. Besides beef hurts both artists (or all) and if she is dissin’ it isn’t smart for her very new image. She may want to rethink the subsequent remix she puts out!

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