Some On The Fire Protection Engineering Issues of Closure

Three Tone Brazilian Ombre Straight Virgin Hair Weave 4 Bundles1, spark, why disaster General, along with people who wish to sabotage, arson and more, the vast majority of fires are from one to the sky, spreading disaster. Cause of the fire, diverse, the most common is old and damaged wiring, poor contact, etc., short circuit caused the fire; or circuit overload operation, improper use of such appliances, place hot fire; then there may be the disposal of cigarettes or engineering smokers construction, life heating fire accidentally, causing a hearth; there may be quite a lot of accumulation of flammable, improper storage, oxidation or other chemical reaction, the release of heat occurs Spontaneous Combustion Fire. But why point the fire will spread rapidly disaster then? Mainly in these structures, the violation of laws and regulations of the relevant provisions of the fire to spread skewers fireworks left the channel.

Active and passive building fire with the 2 systems. Active fire alarm system includes monitoring systems, fire fighting system, rescue system, and escape; and passive fire protection system, fire resistance provided by a construction and decoration materials, building components and systems, fire separation system (resembling wall, floor, etc. separate horizontal and vertical fire zone area) and building block system constitutes a fire. As the usage of functions and building construction needs, building a lot of lines within the floor and the wall between the vertical and horizontal cross (equivalent to air conditioning pipes, smoke pipes, down pipes, telecommunication and power lines and other process piping etc.), formed with openings throughout the structure of matter, or not yet put aside open space throughout the objects; the floor with the wall, between the wall and the wall, there are a variety of structural cracks. Fire is the sealing system of the so-called building the structure of these openings and cracks to stop smoke spread skewers the total closure. If not the gap to fire through the openings and blocking treatment, within the event of fire, flames and smoke throughout the property can be through these openings and cracks spread, could spark development of an enormous disaster personnel losses.

Active fire fighting system for the three systems and passive fire protection system in the primary two systems (which have the required fire resistance of building and decoration materials, building components and systems and fire separation system), when it comes to fire regulations and building design , construction specifications, acceptance criteria and even day to day supervision of maintenance are clear, strict and detailed requirements. People more emphasis and oversight is effective, invested more, perform better. But for the building fire sealing system, the weakening in these areas on so much, mainly the following aspects:

(A) Although the state fire regulations and building codes, fire safety can be provided for sealing, but not comprehensive, the system isn’t clear. Therefore within the design, construction, inspection, supervision, maintenance and other links are difficult to implement effectively;

(B) is now commonly used sealing materials and sealing technology is comparatively backward, the blocking effect and most are in standard mode authentication tests, but lower and more reliable operation or the equivalent of the particular condition inspection and certification, and the actual closure is usually quite different works, it is difficult to make sure the sealing effect. User or engineering contractor for the good thing about immediate use cheap fake and shoddy products, top quality and advanced products available in the market is difficult to get the upper hand;

(4) Fire blocking is a scientific project. But now, its design, construction, inspection, monitoring and maintenance are dispersed in electricity, telecommunications, plumbing, ventilation systems and so forth, the lack of uniform design and construction optimized, more lack of coordination and cooperation, once a part of a loophole , your entire fire protection system will fall short;

(E) scattered in the electricity, telecommunications, plumbing, ventilation systems in all fire blocking works within the system, regardless of size or the interests of efficiency investment is negligible. Even within the professional fire systems, fire systems and active compared to passive fire protection system input could be very low.

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