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How Do I Transition To Natural Hair

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How do I transition to natural hair
Updated on March 3, 2014 Research Analyst moreContact Author Going Natural Transitioning from Relaxed Hair Without Cutting
Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is a process that enables you to maintain the length in your hair while it grows.

Some transitioning methods and going natural advice will provide help to maintain healthy hair while reducing unnecessary breakage.

African American hairstyles transitioning allows you to lessen the necessity to do the BC or big chop. How long you decide to transition and what products will help with keeping your hair moisturized is things you have to to think about once you start your natural hair journey.

Relaxers also called creamy crack could cause a lot damage to women of color that the idea of continuing on a course of hair abuse is now leading napptural women to go natural. It’s an emotional journey that many have experienced.

Hair forums and discussion boards can be found to assist with the transition period as well as giving the needed support to all you curly heads on the market.

In black hair the curl pattern will be more noticeable once it reaches some length, so be patient because it does take time.

Find products that cater to your natural hair, start experimenting with various products to see what will work best for you. Everyone’s hair is different and what may match for it’s possible you’ll not work for another person.

Transitioning Information
Aevin Dugas holds the world record for the woman with the largest Afro. | Source How long should I transition

The length of time that you transition depends upon the person, some have opted to transition for as much as a year or more, while others do the large chop immediately, and others keep their ends trimmed slowly reducing relaxed ends as their natural hair grows out.

Its important to notice that the purpose where the natural hair and the relaxed hair meet is basically fragile, so so as to reduce breakage you might want to treat all of your hair as if it is natural, this means to avoid pressing out your new growth to blend in along with your relaxed ends.

It can be crucial that for those who decide to transition for 6 months or longer that you will want to begin moisturizing and caring for all your hair as if it’s all natural, use products that will assist in the method.

Easy methods to Straighten Natural Hair with out a Relaxer
After getting some length to your natural hair it would be best to blow it out and straighten it at the very least one time every year to do a length check.

The simplest method to do this is to clean your hair detangle and either blow dry your hair with a comb attachment on your hairdryer or use the no tension method where you just dry your hair by stretching it as you put the dryer near your natural hair.

I like to stretch my hair with braidouts and twistouts, it usually takes a couple of days nevertheless it saves on me having to place an excessive amount of heat on my hair.

Once you hair is stretched you can use the heat training method with a flat iron, keep the heat temperature at a moderate degrees after which you can achieve the look of a relaxer without the damage.

transitioning from relaxed to natural hair without the big chop
So many ask the question is it possible to grow ones hair out without cutting off the permed hair.

The rationale that is such a difficulty is because when you have grown your hair long past your shoulders to do the massive chop could be traumatic at best, not only for you but everyone in your life.

People get used to seeing you with long hair so suddenly have a twa just could also be a lot for many to bear so can you continue to be natural with permed ends

Some have succeeded with the no chop method through which you stop relaxing your hair and also you maintain your new growth in a long run transition.

Unfortunately there are no products that will take the relaxer out of your hair, so you’ll have to simply wait patiently as your hair grows.

It starts by learning tips on how to develop a healthy hair care regimen. The two things that can become your friend is deep conditioning and protective hair styles.

Your goal should be to grow long and healthy hair, no matter in case you are maintaining relaxed hair or natural hair.

You will eventually have to begin trimming the ends of your hair as your new growth gets longer. If you do not need to wear short hair then you might want to commit to a long run transition process.

Miss Jessies rapid recovery treatment is a deep conditioner that with provide you with healthy, shiny hair results. To grow longer hair you might want to stop breakage that occurs from using hair products corresponding to combs, brushes, hair accessories.

Protect your hair with satin covered hair rollers, wide tooth combs and satin pillowcase and scarves.

What products should I use while transitioning
If you are transitioning it is crucial to recollect that you simply will need to moisturize, deep condition and use hot oil treatments.

You are entering a whole new world together with your hair and it is one that’s less traveled by many black women and napptural women who want to realize healthier longer hair.

So the first thing to do is to look on the product labels, read ingredients on hair care products, make a listing of moisture retaining ingredients

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So that you can purchase products that can maintain your curl definition, provide softness and manageability in addition to retain moisture for added length.

A few of the most popular products include Karens body beautiful, elucence moisture balancing conditioner and shampoo, unrefined shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut milk, carrot oil.

Essential oils and moisturizing gels and creams is what you need to apply to your hair on a daily basis around the temples, hairline and ends of your hair.

It is suggested to attempt to get the proper PH balance in your hair by utilizing aloe vera gel, coconut oil and a cream based leave in conditioner on the hair.

The key is to keep the ends from drying out and breaking off.
You could have been natural for several years or most of your life and you might have been natural up to now but for whatever reason you will have decided you want to go natural again in 2012.

What transitioning methods should I take advantage of
Throughout the transition means of growing out your relaxer you will have to find good natural hairstyles to wear that way you can allow you hair time to rest while it is growing out.

Some of the perfect natural hairstyles for transitioning is two strand twists, flat braids, and banti knots.

Using protective styles require that you alter up and have variety, attributable to added stress your straight weave with side bangs hair will receive in case you follow only one protective style method.

So if you find that you simply prefer to wear twists, wear them for a month and then the following month pick a unique transitioning method for your hair.

Braid outs is also recommended to use while transitioning.
Natural hair is stronger than permed hair but it’s also might be fragile, fine and course so it needs to be handled with gentle care.

Going Natural without cutting hair
I get so many emails from woman who need to go natural but they don’t need to cut their hair or do the massive chop, what they will eventually find is that they can have to chop off the ends of their hair as it grows to avoid damage and breakage.

Once hair has been relaxed it is now not healthy, will probably be weak and not as strong as your new growth, also the curl pattern you seek will be unattainable as long as you keep your straight ends.

Regrow Hair Tips
Some hair growth options include with the ability to transition without much hair breakage, but if you happen to do incur hair loss some simple solutions can be to make use of natural home remedies to grow healthier hair.

End hair loss naturally
A natural topical treatment that accelerates hair growth with none unwanted unwanted effects, you will have the ability to regrow thick natural hair with saw palmetto, nettle, capsicum, ginger and camellia.

Coconut milk and oil can also be natural and moisturizing to the scalp and hair, rosemary leaves in water and castor oil provide the needed nourishment.

Perfect 10 Haircolor
Dying your hair when it’s natural is easier if you happen to pick a color that matches your current hair, simply because if you happen to bleach it or use high definition colors it’s going to disturb your curl pattern and most times it will relax the curl to the purpose that it won’t return to its kinky state,

which isn’t a great look especially in the front of your forehead when you want to wear an afro or blow out and kinky twists, sticking with a dark brown, black or perhaps a reddish brown will give your hair some shine and healthy pickup.

Best Hairstyles for Transitioning From Relaxed Hair
As you go through your natural hair journey you can find that some styles work better than others, a number of the more popular protective hair styles are kinky strand twists.

Remember the scale of the kinky twists is what you want to maintain at a small to medium size because if they’re too big they are going to drop and never stay very long as your hair starts to grow out.

One method that I take advantage of to keep my twists neat is shea butter. I’ve found that the thickness of the shea butter helps maintain my natural hair and keeps it in place even after a number of weeks in the identical hair style.

For those who decide to clean your hair and keep your twists you might want to re-apply the shea butter along with a leave-in conditioner while your hair is still damp. To save time you possibly can re-twist at the foundation of your new growth and secure with bobby pins.

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I’m currently transitioning (my last perm was in Dec 2011). I cut my hair into a nice bob. Once the brand new growth starting coming in across the 8 week period, I’d roller set and blow-dry the roots to blend in with the style and have been ever since. After reading loads of the data on hair care, I realize that it may not be the best approach to transition but I do not find the twist out look as appealing and sad to say but in my professional setting it is not a look that I can carry into the workplace, for me that’s. I’d like some advice on how to keep growing out my natural hair but to keep a more demure style which is more my personality. I like the large hair style however it does not work for me. Simply, I’ve stopped using chemicals to straighten my hair because I realize my natural hair is healthier without it, but I’ve converted over to heat styling which might be just as bad. Could use some sage advice. Thanks 🙂

I just have one question how do I brush my TWA I been brushing it like guys do since I’ve a fade HELP!

LVNaturalBeauty 5 years ago from Las Vegas
I really like all your tips thanks a lot for the kmowlege its greatly appreciated I just did my big chop last week because I went to a salon they usually did a color correction on my hair and i permed it a month later and all of it FELL OUT well most of it so I had no choice but to get a fade I am so sad but at the same time happy because now I get to grow my natural hair my hair been permed for so long I do not even know how my real hair looks so I’m excited to see……I’ve curls growing all ready but baby curls I miss my hair and I’m so sad that happened to me I’m actually taking them to court because I didn’t sign a release form and that i had no idea that he was over processing my hair so I’m all tears right now 🙁 but reading and viewing YouTube videos been inspiring me because I see I’m not alone I’m just glad I’ve an important support system through this horrible experience that I am going through

lvlycq 5 years ago
I am fascinated about going natural but I am unsure the best way to go about it… My hair has some serious damage from relaxing it for years.. If I do decide to go natural is there anyway to attain the straight look, of getting a relaxer

Nesha1891 5 years ago from UK
I wished I discovered you hubpage before I even thought about relaxing my hair! That is fantastic! I really like everything about this hub…. the following tips will do me justice and they provide great advice. I’m starting my own hair journey blogs soon! So keep your eyes peeled for them. I’ve currently got in kinky twists but they keep dropping as my hair starts to grow out and I have been wondering if there any other styles that I can use to transition from relaxed hair to natural and on this discovery your hub page came up! I am loving it and I’m going to promote this everywhere because it is actually good. Hopefully your’e words can inspire people everywhere that natural hair is excellent hair!

Zarifa 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts
My last relaxer was in February of 2010. I have been keeping it braided within the summer month’s because of the humidity and pressing it(the old fashioned way) in the winter. I sleep with satin covered rollers and constantly condition my hair. Aphogee Leave in, deep conditioning cholesterol. My problem is my edges. They’re thin and weak. I can assume from relaxing after which braiding within the summer. What do you recommend to help maintain, strengthen and grow my edges I’ve recently tried organics kids olive oil hair pudding for my ponytails, which helps to put them down, but I don’t know if that is helping with breakage.

What number of TIMES: you could have to scrub your hair if you have you ever natural hair

Youseline Andre 5 years ago
My hair are likely to sweat quite a bit when it hot, what should I do

I started my transitioning with relaxed hair , I used to be wonder what product should I use and I have some am interested by : I would like to make use of Carol’s Daughter now I am start the transitioning , I need to use Mixed Chic when the relaxer is gone from my hair, I want to make use of organic product in my hair.

LiviahhDoll 5 years ago
I’m a teenager actually 13 and my last perm was a month ago and my new growth greww in really fast i’ve almost 3/4 of an inch and usually after i put my perms thaat doesnt happen until at the least 3 months i need to go natural and my hair is brief in a bob And that i DONT Need to CHOP ALL MY HAIR OFF and that i dont understand how to maintain my natural hair up when itss fully natural

Nicki82 6 years ago
Well, I’ve been using the kinky curly product line and i like it!!! I started out with the gel for three days and i love it, but I didn’t need to have to clean my hair everyday. I went out and got the shampoo and leave-in conditioner and that i can go three days without touching my hair!!! I cut off the remainder of my 3 yr old relaxer and that i feel great. My hair is SOFT;not crunchy, moisturized without being GREASY, and HEALTHY!!!! Without this HUB I would not have known to try the kinky curly line…THANKS!!!!!!! My other two sisters are natural also and they love the line too.

cmaxw001 6 years ago
Hello, Ive been looking for a site that may help me out with my problem and i came across this site ..I have a problem! I recently cut my hair neck length (my hair was down past my shoulders) because i need to go natural..I did not chop all the perm off..NOW, I Want to CHOP All of it OFF RIGHT BUT MY LEFT SIDE OF MY HAIR IS STRAIGHT-PUFFY and MY RIGHT SIDE Could be very CURLY…I MEAN, I’ve LIKE 4 INCHES Of new GROWTH THROUGH OUT MY ENTIRE HEAD…BUT IM SO CONFUSED THAT THE FRONT LEFT SIDE OF MY HEAD Does not CURL…THE BACK AND The proper SIDE CURLS SO EASILY Once i WET IT…WHAT SHOULD I DO IM AFRAID TO CHOP It all OFF BCAUSE I FEEL THAT I would LOOK RIDICULOUS WITH ONE SIDE REALLY REALLY CURLY AND The opposite SIDE PUFFY-STRAIGHT….PLEASE HELP ME, I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT….IM GOING THROUGH A HAIR CRISIS….SMH…..also, Ive been trying to not straighten or blow dry my hair and i have been using products resembling gel activators, and conditioner…however, after like 3 hours my hair gets EXTREMELY dry even with all of the conditioner that i exploit…what products should i exploit to maintain my hair looking healthy and not dry the 3 Bundle Deals Good Quality Brazilian Ombre Straight Human Hair Weave whole day

sharonsuccess 6 years ago
Good post, I’ve the same post on the topic. I have been transitioning now for over a year, but I’m still determine to carry on with this journey.

JESSICA 6 years ago

Nicki 6 years ago
I have not had a relaxer since Nov. ’08. I decided to make the choice because I used to be sick of relaxers breaking my hair off. I have a look at pictures of when I was younger with hair down my back, and get upset to see it ruined by the selection of my mother to begin relaxing my hair. I continued to relax because that was what I used to be “purported to do.” My hair remained pretty thick, but would NEVER grow past my shoulders. I made the natural decision without researching it first. Reading these posts help me to comprehend that even now, about three years later, why my hair is not fully where I need it to be. I never made the big chop. I still have relaxed ends, and i admit, I haven’t had a trim in over six months. To style my hair I’ve been using sponge rollers(undecided if that is problematic also) I roll my hair up at night, then in the morning I finger comb my hair and go. It’s easy enough, but rolling takes me an hour at night, and I am DESPERATE for something that will allow me to just put a scarf on at night, and comb and go in the am. Even after three years, I made an appt today to get my hair relaxed. After reading these posts, I feel the strength to keep going and fix what I have been doing wrong. I will continue to use creme of nature products as I actually feel they help my hair to maintain from getting so dry. Then I am going to vary my appt to only a haircut and at last let go of the relaxer destroying my healthy new growth. I went out and bought the kinky curly curly custard at 20$ a 8oz. jar (yikes)and I am unable to wait to try it tomorrow.

Carolyn 6 years ago

I last relaxer was March’11, and I am transitioning to natural-I have found some really good products because of the youtube nation. My only frustration is with my gray hair across the front of my head…I have had gray spot in the front of my head because the age of 16. I am unable to find anything that may lay it down…do you’ve gotten any suggestions.

olivia 6 years ago
Hi Eden I dont think you should wait any longer I suggest you cut it all off and start over new. You hair is dead and is now not alive,, I to had experience it its not the very best feeling knowing your beautiful hair is now not there so dont wait any longer. Before you realize it your hair would have already got grown back once you take care of it check out youtube for more information and helpful tips. I hope my opinion was helpful to you good luck and hope your hair gets better in time.

Tracy 6 years ago
Eden, I’d say hang in there. I’m 49 years old and have been perming my hair since my teens. Oh, how I wish I had started this process several years ago but better late than never. I have been transitioning for about six months. I am still learning how to maintain my hair moisturized and to deal with the straight ends. The frustating thing is that our hair has it’s own story. You need to have patience when trying to figure out what is going to be just right for you. It sounds as if you’re having a really tough time. You could need to as yourself if you really wish to be “natural” because frankly it sounds good but it surely really isn’t for everybody. I only know its for me because I’ve been wanting a curly afro since I used to be in the third grade and that i have no idea what took me so long to pursue it. Your main goal needs to be to get your hair HEALTHY because it would not matter what you want. You have got to start out with healthy hair. There is a ton of knowledge on the market, especially on youtube. I am at that awkward state with about four inches of recent growth, but I’ll never return. Two strand twists with perm rods on the ends work best for me right now but I know that can change. Try to revisit a few of those styles that you’ve got tried. Some times they do not come out right the first time. If your not good with hair guess what You possibly can “get good” at it. Better of luck to you.

Eden 6 years ago
I am in my 40’s and have had relaxed hair since my 20’s after having to grow out a wave nouveau. I had to cut my hair for that and grew it back to mid back. My hair is between 4b and 4c i assume but with soft fine wavy hairs all along the edges (people would call them baby hairs). My hair looks thin and fine and silky when relaxed and folks say it resembles mixed race hair. I used to be able to clean and air dry into natural looking curls when it was relaxed. It was nice and healthy and long and soft and smooth. Well now it has broken off, especially the back. I can barely pull the hair on the top and crown into a pony tail. The back has some length to simply past my neck. The front comes all the way down to my upper lip and . After i come the sides down it comes to only below my neck but the top parts are shorter. It just doesn’t look or feel the way it used to. Once i got a relaxer 7 weeks ago i tried to let it air dry into curls and it looked a large number. It was like thin dreadlocks, it did not curl in any respect. It looked like spaghetti and it was not soft or smooth and didn’t look shiny prefer it used to. The split ends were sticking out all over the place and nothing i placed on them could make them stay down. I’ve been trying so hard to take care of it, not use heat and it just looks a multitude. I try to make use of healthy products. I take advantage of coconut oil and pure shea butter, rosemary and sage rinses, i try not to use products with harmful ingredients. My hairdresser swears i am doing something wrong like using the wrong products. She thinks anything with glycerine shouldn’t be good. She recommends products that i believe have harmful ingredients like petroletum and mineral oil. I thought maybe the relaxer used was not right for me but she said its not the relaxer thats causing my damage and she doesn’t think its good to stretch relaxers she said it causes breakage. I want to attempt to grow out the relaxer and go natural but i am not good with hair. I have no idea the way to cornrow or flat twist, i am not crazy about braids anyway the tightness gives me a headache and they itch. Plus i’ve split ends all of the approach to my scalp and they stick out and will not lay down. I tried to do braid outs and it came out a large number. I tried using the flexible rollers and again it came out a large number. I’m only 7 weeks since relaxer and i am unable to do anything with my hair. I used to be slicking it down and putting it up but now with my new growth its not working. You possibly can see the brand new growth which looks about 1 inch now underneath the permed hair . Once i did the braid out and roller set i can not describe what it looked like but it surely didn’t resemble braid outs and roller sets i have seen pictures of. I do not know how you can grow out this relaxer if i am unable to work out the best way to wear my hair. If i’m going to my hairdresser and tell her i am not relaxing anymore she goes to say i’m making a mistake. I do not know what to do. I am desirous about just going back to the stupid relaxer and making do with the hair i’ve a minimum of will probably be somewhat manageable as long as i flat iron it or use a curling iron. I feel like a sell out though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Asia 6 years ago
Im 13 years and i’ve recently decided to go natural. I haven’t had a relaxer for 3 months now. My hair is chin length but thick. I get blow outs and i wash my hair every two weeks. Is there any products i can use to help keep my hair healthy

kjburton 6 years ago
Im a sophomore in college. I run track so I work out mostly everyday of the week. I’m within the transition phase of going natural and it’s super hard because I already have short hair and its very hard to comb through (unless its soaking wet). I used to be wondering what products could I take advantage of. I stay busy on daily basis so I need something real easy and less time consuming. And in addition I was wondering is it safe to wash my hair everyday being that I work out everyday in a very very dry climate. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!

Ms.Mays 6 years ago
I’m 22, i got a perm going into HS, so i’ve had one for about… 6 years now. however the blow-drying and what not of the salons has caused breakage. I need to go natural and haven’t gotten a perm since… january of this year. i have about an inch and a half of latest growth width:300px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ data-page-url=”//” data-ad-slot=”1186173963″>

straight weave with side bangs

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