Super Jazzy Weave Hairstyles For African-American Women

Natural Fluffy Wigs Peruvian Human virgin Hair WigsWash your hair with a shampoo and properly condition your hair before trying out any hairstyle.

  • Dry your hair with a towel and using a large toothed comb, gather all hair at one spot on your head where you want your ponytail.
  • Smoothen out your hair using slightly conditioning hair gel. Use a soft brush to smooth out all the edges and get your hair into position.
  • Using an elastic hair band, tie the bottom of your ponytail securely. Take the ends of the hair and wind them around the base of the hair band, using 2 to 3 bobby pins to secure them together.
  • Now, take a pin and attach the end of the weave tract to the bottom of the hair band. Start adding the weaves from the top of your natural hair. Wrap the weave tract around the base of the bun, using a brand new pin after every two turns. Secure the hair to the bottom of your bun using 2-3 pins for the last time.
  • Take another hair weave, wrapping it across the track line of the previous hair weave. This helps hide the track line and use 1 or 2 pins to secure it.
  • Curl, flip or let it hang straight, you’re ready with your ponytail weave hairstyle.

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