Tape-In Hair Extensions

Nail Hair Extensions Peruvian Straight Human Virgin Hair

Now introducing our newest product line Remy Chic. The very best experiance with your hair extensions comes from using the highest quality of hair. That is why we’re introducing our slow processed hair extensions. As you may or may not know 99.9% of hair extensions started out as black hair. It is because 84% of the world population has black hair, so this color is the most readily available. How the hair is processesed to change it’s color is vitally important and only the gentlest of processing will protect the hair for longer use. This hair undergoes a 15-20 day extremly gentle slow processing to tug the black pigment out of the hair. This allows the hair cuticle to remain intact. Giving you anywhere from 5-9 months of use depending on care. Most other lower cost hair uses a quick processing and or non remy hair that lasts anywhere from 2 weeks – 3 months at best. Few others use a medium speed processing that lasts 3 months to 6 months maybe. Many will say their hair is remy but they will coat it in silicone so it feels soft to the touch. It isn’t until after you start to clean the hair and this silicone begins to wash off that you are left with the actual real non remy damaged hair. We all know that you simply and your hair deserve the very best so let’s get you the hair that you’ve got always dreamed of! Actual REAL remy hair, that is why Remy Chic Hottie Hair is made from the finest quality 100% actual REAL remy double drawn (thick from top to bottom) slowest processed human hair. Our tape in hair extensions are very thin small wefts that lay flat to your head and are extremely comfortable. Perfect for all types of hair lengths and thicknesses. The tape is product of a medical grade adhesive that’s designed to bond to your hair without damaging it. You’ll be able to curl, heat, straighten or wash them identical to your own hair. Let’s find your perfect color and length today!

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