Testing For Unprocessed Human Hair Extensions

3 Bundles Of Quality Virgin Straight Hair Weave 100% Real Human Hair BundlesHuman hair is made up of microscopic scales that overlap to form a protective outer layer just like the scales on fish. You possibly can feel the scales by squeezing a dampened bundle of strands between your thumb and index finger. Moving from top to bottom in the identical direction as the scales the hair should feel smooth. Moving upwards from the underside to the highest against the scales and the hair should feel rough with a bit friction. You need to use the mentioned method with dry hair however you fingers ought to be moist. The difference is barely slight so it’s possible you’ll want to repeat the process several times. If you continue to have difficulty close your eyes so your sense of feeling is heightened, then repeat the method.

Processed hair has the cuticle stripped back with harsh chemicals to alter the colour and texture (very light blonds can NEVER be achieved using salon products on Asian and Indian hair). Once the desired texture and colour is achieved a silicon coating is placed over the hair to present a smooth feel. The hair feels smooth once you run you fingers up and down the length of the hair. What you are feeling is the silicon coating covering the processed hair. Once the coating wears off with brushing and normal wear and tear the hair becomes porous and tangled.

Other tests

Hair that has never had colour treatment will show slight shade variations. As hair grows naturally, the affects of weather and sunlight alter the color of the older hair towards the ends. It must be noted that using this method is more affective on lighter colours.

Unfortunately in an unregulated industry unscrupulous operators are drawn to the market to make a quick dollar. In this case the old adage of if its to good to be true then its not true will be your best protection against purchasing an inferior product.

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