The Difference Between Remy Hair And Virgin Hair

Brazilian hair is known to be one in every of the most well-liked makes of pure and natural hair extensions in the world. 100% virgin unprocessed Brazilian hair blends amazingly well with just about every hair type, being naturally compatible with both African-American and Caucasian hair. It lasts a very long time with proper care and nourishment and is some of the cost effective kinds of real hair extensions.

A question that is usually asked by prospective purchasers of 100% unprocessed Brazilian hair is “What is the difference between Virgin hair and Remy hair?/p>

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It is a standard misconception that Remy is a brand name applied to some hair extensions. In actual fact the term refers to certain characteristics and features of a kind of hair. The term Remy is used to describe extensions where all of the hair cuticles are lined up and pointed in the identical direction – roots at the highest and ends at the bottom – similar to your natural hair is already. This should therefore be less liable to matting and tangling and the hair needs to be silky soft.

Virgin hair is, very simply, hair that has not been chemically processed in any way. It is totally natural and unprocessed. It’s free from any chemicals akin to relaxer, perm, silicone, or color dyes. There was no damage to the cuticles or the true structure of the hair.
From these descriptions you may see that Virgin hair can also be Remy hair if the Virgin hair has correctly aligned cuticles and Remy hair will also be Virgin hair as long as it has not been chemically processed.
However you’ll be able to have Remy hair that has been colored or curled and so would not be Virgin. Or you possibly can have Virgin hair with non-aligned cuticles which means it would not be Remy. I hope you followed that easily enough.
Both Virgin and Remy hair are more expensive than the cheap non-cuticle hair extensions available. The excellent reason for this is that non-cuticle hair is simply sub-standard and is not going to give the look or silky soft feel of the very best quality 100% virgin unprocessed Brazilian hair.
Virgin Brazilian hair extensions often include a slight wave that can easily be made dead straight with ceramic straighteners and then return to wavy after being washed. Being natural, they are available only dark shades but could be coloured the same way as one would color live and growing hair. Unlike processed hair these Virgin hair extensions are naturally tangle-free, silky, strong and glossy. They’re as close because it is feasible to get to growing hairs and will be curled and straightened, or bleached and dyed and keep looking and feeling great for a very very long time.
For a long time 100% virgin unprocessed Brazilian hair has been a well-kept secret of celebrities and their stylists. Now it is obtainable and affordable to all women who want to purchase and use gorgeous looking 100% natural and Virgin hair.

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