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7 Best Haircuts For Curly Hair

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7 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair
Updated on July 6, 2013 sriramapriya moreContact Author Curly Hairstyles If the cut’s too heavy on top, you lose density at the ends, if there’s too much weight at the underside you look just like the Sphinx. And, if it is all one length or the layers are wrong, you are stuck with a lifeless, shapeless mess.

The truth is, so few stylists are equipped to properly cut curly hair that even some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are walking around with styles which might be entirely wrong for them. Dubious

Annalyne McCord Annalyne McCord
Why the cut works: Shorter layers were taken on top concerning the “90210” star’s cut, and so they slowly give approach to longer layers towards the ends of her hair, which helps add some height when she wears it straight, and alleviates weight when she goes curly.

Do this cut you probably have: Fine to medium texture hair, that is at least shoulder length. Very thick, curly hair can be large and unruly, especially if, like McCord, you’ve got small features.

Tips on how to get the style: McCord’s hair is first blow dried straight, then curled. Why To alleviate frizz and change the curl pattern. The hair is first blow dried with mousse, gel or holding lotion/cream to present it volume and shine. Once it is dry, take half-inch random sections of your hair and wrap them across the barrel of a curling iron. If you wish to avoid those pesky kinks the iron can impart, keeping the clamp open.

Andie MacDowell Andie MacDowell
Why the cut works: The model/actress’s haircut “looks perfect. She has the same fullness throughout — it’s not too thin at the top or the bottom. And, for her age it is perfect, because it is classic yet modern, giving her the power to have any style she desires.

Try this cut when you’ve got: Medium to coarse textured hair that’s long enough to support the layers. When you try this look on fine hair, it would must be dense or it will not the green lantern blake lively look full enough and can impart a flat-looking appearance. MacDowell proves that women of their 40s and 50s can wear their hair long and look fabulous.

Tips on how to get the style: MacDowell, too, first blow dried her hair straight, then curled it. It is “the only solution for most women who do not know how to regulate their curly hair — it also helps add shine to dull or lifeless hair. To prep curly hair for straightening, use Curly Hair Series Curls to Straight Shampoo and Curly Hair Series Curls to Straight Conditioner.

After you are done blow drying, Hot rollers are put in, rolling the hair back away from the face. This helps the hair to have more volume and hold to the curl. Once the hair is cooled, release the curl and gently comb through with a rake comb so as to add softness and break up the curl. (Note: A curling iron will do the job too, just you’ll want to create pin curls after rolling each section into the iron. Secure with duckbill clips to carry the curls in place until they cool down. Then remove.)

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts
Why the cut works: Julia’s haircut works well together with her length and face shape. She has good density throughout, which helps to make it look healthy and the very soft, natural volume shows the haircut isn’t too heavy — which allows for a defined curly look that will have plenty of movement.

Try this cut if you have: Fine to medium-thick hair. The thicker your hair, the heavier it is going to be on top of your head, which is able to make the layers bushy. Shoulder-length to long hair is ideal for this cut, and, if like Roberts, you have small, fine features, it really works well to flatter, not drown, them.

Find out how to get the style: Before blow drying, prep the hair with a heat protectant shine spray. Just like the others, Roberts’ hair is first blown dry, then, a big barrel iron is used to curl one-inch sections in numerous directions. This provides a softer, more diffused curl. Her hair is then sprayed with hairspray, as fingers are raked though. This process helps lock in the curl in addition to break up the larger sections.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Why the cut works: Taylor has longer layers, which work perfectly with this and lots of other styles she wears.

Try this cut when you have: A medium-to-loose curl — otherwise, if the curl is too tight, you will not have the ability to get your hairline smooth enough to have a soft part or a side-swept fringe. Square, round or heart-shaped faces will benefit from the long layers the green lantern blake lively and, while Swift’s hair may be very long, this cut and style may be adjusted to work with hair that is as short as shoulder length.

Easy methods to get the style: To attain gorgeous, red carpet-worthy waves, you first blow dry your hair straight and smooth. Then, beginning on the nape of the neck, take inch-wide sections and roll them around your curling iron ensuring you are wrapping the hair under, not over the iron. (Doing this determines how severe of a wave you have got. Rolling over the iron gives you more curl, rolling under gives you more wave.) When every section has been curled, brush through gently with a large-toothed comb or a Mason Pearson brush after which simply pin your hair off to at least one side and your look is complete.

Keri Russell Keri Russell

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Why the cut works: The long layers work well with Keri’s square-shaped face, adding that the weight within the sides of her hair takes away from some of the quantity, which, in turn makes her face appear less wide.

Do that cut if you have: Botticelli-type (corkscrew) curls, medium-sized curls would also work nicely to easily replicate this look. This cut works with shoulder-length or longer hair and does wonders to slim square and/or round face shapes.

The way to get the style: Prep your hair for styling within the shower with shampoo and conditioner that prevents frizz. Keri’s curl is softened and smoothed out with a curling iron. If you want to repeat it, you must let your hair air dry with a mousse or conditioner in it. Then, start by taking each naturally defined curl, and wrap it around your iron. It will look just as it did naturally, but with less frizz. If you end up done with the iron, simply flip your head the wrong way up and shake!

Melina Kanakaredes Melina Kanakaredes
Why the cut works: Her haircut is so cute! She has the right amount of layers so as to add fullness and body without making her ends look thinned out. She can wear this haircut straight or curly with amazing results.

Try this cut when you’ve got: Medium to fine density hair. However, in case your hair is just too thick or too curly you will not see the definition in your curls. This cut can work with both shorter and longer lengths provided that the proportions of the layers are cut properly and the face-framing ringlets work to bring a youthful feel to those in their late 30s, 40s and 50s.

Methods to get the style: The actress’ naturally curly hair has been refined using a curling wand, the tool is sort of a curling iron, minus the clamp. Simply take the section of hair you wish to curl, and wrap it across the barrel. Then slowly slide the wand out of your hair. This offers you a more corkscrew-looking curl.

Julianne Moore Julianne Moore
Why the cut works: Oscar-winning Moore’s haircut is perfect for her. It suits her face shape very well. She has a really defined jaw and the long layers work to make it seem smaller.

Do that cut you probably have: Thick to medium-thick waves, because, a tight curl shall be hard to manage and even harder to turn right into a soft curl just like the one she has. This cut works particularly well on below shoulder length hair and on women with oval or round faces — the layers frame the face nicely.

The way to get the style: Julianne’s hair is fairly straight to start with. With hair of this texture, mousse is applied at the root area and evenly distributed towards the ends of dry hair. A paddle brush is then used to get natural lift. Once the hair is dried, random sections of hair are curled around a large barrel curling iron in several directions. To break up the curls, flipping your head the other way up and shaking it slightly — once you stand back up, remember to smooth out the highest of your hair.

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sendingsannwi 7 months ago
I agree, Ariel 🙂 Especially, Julia Roberts. I believe she looks amazing along with her curly hair (I adored her natural hair in Sleeping With The Enemy). I also loved Nicole Kidman’s natural hair in her movie Dead Calm (who’s not on this list). I have 3A curls, but find myself adoring the 3b/3c coil curls….they’re so bouncy and cute 🙂

Ariel Laur 19 months ago from New York
Thanks for the tips! I wonder why achieve this many of these famous women straighten their hair now I suppose it’s the trend, but I feel the curls are great!

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