The Harmonizing Body

The human body (our ‘instrument’) is an especially complex, miraculous piece of biotechnology; its systems work together to ensure the maintenance of homeostasis. We will take a look at the method that permits the synchronization between the bodily systems to take place: breathing. As you might be reading this now, gently become aware of your breath, reflect upon the fact that the common human breathes between 14,000 and 22,000 times in a 24-hour cycle and that you have been breathing because the day you were born and can continue until you die. How many of those countless breaths have you ever been aware of? How much do you know about, let alone practice, the proper, natural breathing technique?

Indian Nail Tip Human Virgin Colored Hair Extensions Keratin Fusion Hair ExtensionsIn every Meditation system I have ever studied (systems originating from all over the planet and at different times in man’s history), the awareness of the breath and consequent refinement of the breathing technique plays a pivotal role. Good breathing habits are fundamental to the maintenance of health in the body and permit an exchange of gases involving the acquisition of oxygen (02) and the elimination of carbon dioxide (C02). The efficient exchange of these gases enhances cellular function and so facilitates normal performance of the brain, organs and body tissues. The breath synchronizes our bodily systems via a fancy set of reflexes – it assists in fluid movement (lymph, blood) and helps maintain spinal mobility through regular, mobilizing, thoracic cage movement. It enhances digestive function via rhythmic positive and negative pressure fluctuations. Of course, bad breathing habits will adversely affect the entire above.

Breathing plays a significant role in maintaining the homeostasis between the physical. Intellectual and emotional energies m the body and has a profound effect on how we express ourselves. As an example, musical phrases all have their origins in breathing, and you speak on the ‘out’ breath and replenish on the ‘in’ breath, the process of which has played a fundamental part in forming our thought processes. Even popular advice, reminiscent of ‘take a few deep breaths’ which is given before entering right into a stressful situation, points to an understanding of the role that breath plays in harmonizing and keeping us balanced. In a self-defence situation against actual physical attack, control of breath brings increased power, stamina, freedom of movement and the flexibility to regulate the debilitating effects of fear. But as always, be sure to evaluate the situation before engaging in any self-defence movements.

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