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Established in 2009 by 2 veteran hair extension specialists, Kapello Hair was born from a desire to source the very best quality hair on the planet in a 100% ethical manner and to introduce a new level of innovation to the hair extensions industry. Our goal of becoming among the finest hair extensions brands in the UK has become a reality and becoming the leading hair extensions brand on the planet is what drives us forward.

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With greater than 20 years experience between them, Kapello’s founders are experts in the industry. They created the brand out of frustration in not being able to attain good quality, yet affordable extensions. Trying many different types of hair extensions, Kapello’s founders very quickly realised that their choices were limited to either buying cheap extensions that were of very poor quality or good quality extensions that were exorbitantly overpriced. In addition they heard many horror stories about unethical sourcing and wanted to make certain the extensions they were using were attained in an honest and fair way. That is when the concept for Kapello was born and the long journey began to discover the perfect avenues for sourcing high quality hair ethically, and also working with scientists to resolve the most effective methods of processing and attaching extensions. The Kapello team began building a reputation for quality and their goal of making genuinely happy clients that leave the salon with a smile was fast becoming a reality.

Because we care

The Kapello team travel all around the world to discover the best quality hair and most importantly, ensure that each one donor hair is sourced in an ethical way. This implies ensuring donors are 100% willing participants in the exchange and that they’re paid fairly. To guarantee quality and ethical sourcing, Kapello has company representatives that source hair directly. In this manner, with no middlemen, we will be assured of the origins of the hair and might guarantee that all our extensions meet our strict standards for quality, and therefore will stay in amazing condition for longer.

We now have a responsibility to our customers, colleagues and supply partners to make sure that the items sold on are produced under acceptable conditions and in an ethical way. Which means they should have been produced lawfully, through fair and honest dealing without exploiting the individuals who made them, in decent working conditions and in addition without damaging the environment.

Kapello Hair continues to strive to be the industry leader in hair extensions, tailoring our products to assist every client achieve ethical, enduring and beautiful hair. So if you’re wondering where to get hair extensions, extensions accessories or certified training, think Kapello.

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