The other way up French Braid

Romantic Wavy Wigs Indian  Full Lace Front Human Virgin HairI’ll be the first to admit that I do not spend much time fixing my hair each day. A quick brush through, a little anti-frizz lotion and I am good to go. Now with the weather heating up, I’m concerned with cute and easy ways to get my long hair up and off my back.

I am excited about the The wrong way up French Braid. Don’t let its name intimidate you. With a couple of tools and slightly practice, you’ll be able to master this braid. Better of all, it is functional for an off-the-cuff or dressy look and doesn’t require squeaky clean hair.

To start out, You may Need:

*A brush

*Elastic ponytail holders – try clear or match your hair color

*Bobby Pins

*Dry Shampoo if you wish to refresh hair, while soaking up oils and adding volume

*Finishing Spray for shine, protection and hold – try Phyto Plage Protective Sun Veil

Let’s Braid!

*Flip your head the wrong way up and using your Phyto Bamboo Paddle Brush, brush hair from nape to ends, ensuring to untangle any knots. (If using dry shampoo, apply first to roots, giving a couple of minutes to massage in or dry if needed, then brush hair.)

* Next, from the nape of your neck, separate a section of hair into 3 equal pieces.

* Now the “hard” part – time to French braid! Start by taking the left piece and pulling it over the middle piece, (so your left piece of hair becomes the middle piece). Next pull your right piece over the middle piece. Easy to this point, right?

* Next, add more hair to the piece in your left. Pull all of this over the middle piece. Do the identical with the proper side, and keep using this process, gathering hair as you go, as much as the crown of your head.

* Once you’ve got reached the crown (the realm where your hair meets on the top back section of your head; where you’d put a high ponytail), gather your braid and secure with a small elastic ponytail holder. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through the French braid!

* After pulling the remainder of your hair right into a ponytail together with your braid, you possibly can create your bun. Here you’ve got got some room for creativity and personal style. Go with a messy teased bun for a carefree look or a chic ballerina bun for a more polished look.

* Secure the loose ends of your bun with bobby pins.

* Finish with your shine spray, and you’re all set!

Want so as to add a personal touch? Pin a bow at the back of hair, where your braid meets your bun. Braid the remainder of your ponytail before wrapping it into a bun for an additional fun ‘do!

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