The results Of Cocoa Butter On African American Skin

Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, and African Americans commonly use it to keep the skin soft. Made from cocoa beans into a solid or cream, cocoa butter can be utilized alone or mixed with other ingredients, and is used in hair products and as a lotion to maintain the skin moisturized. It also can be used as a fragrance in numerous products because it has a chocolate-like smell.

People of all skin tones can have dry skin, and cocoa butter is a rich emollient useful in nourishing very dry and dehydrated skin. African Americans are more prone to looking ashy when the skin is dry because the dead, dry skin is lighter in color, making it easier to see on darker skin. Cocoa butter is a heavier cream, so somewhat goes a good distance. It starts out as a solid or cream when placed in the hands, but it surely melts quickly when rubbed into the skin. Cocoa butter can act as a barrier against the weather and is ideal to make use of everywhere in the body during colder and windier weather.

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Stretch Marks
African-American skin is liable to losing elasticity more easily, which can cause loose skin and stretch marks. Africans Americans can use cocoa butter to assist prevent stretch marks as well as to assist fade stretch marks before and after pregnancy. Cocoa butter increases elasticity so the skin can stretch and expand without tearing during weight gain and pregnancy. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Skin Tone
African Americans tend to wish skin-care products which might be a bit of heavier and might penetrate the layers of skin and leave the skin healthy. Daily use of cocoa butter may help to fade dark spots and smooth rough patches of skin — such as the thick skin found on the elbows, knees, feet and hands. Cocoa butter can heal damaged skin and help correct aging skin that shows fine lines and wrinkles. Before going to bed at night, rub cocoa butter on the feet, after which placed on a pair of socks for softer feet within the morning. It might take a number of nights of repeating this to see the most effective results.

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