To apply To apply And Keep Them Looking Good Without Hair Damage

Opting to wear your hair in Micro Braids will be a great way to protect your hair from on daily basis styling and heat stresses. They not only look beautiful but they can be easy to keep up when you follow the right regime. However, there are few main concerns that need to be addressed when deciding to wear your hair in almost invisible braids.

Hair Loss

Fear of hair loss is a real concern as braids that aren’t correctly attached or cared for can have disastrous consequences for the overall health of your hair. One of the best steps to avoid this are to choose knowledgeable and experienced braider who will assess the condition of your hair before they begin.

Secondly they need to be sure that the braids should not too tightly attached, especially across the hairline to avoid breakage and hair stress, they also needs to be capable to advise you on the day-to-day care of your new style.

Talk to your stylist about the dimensions of braids you want before they start, the smaller the braids the longer they will take to remove when the time comes. Depending on the dimensions of braids you choose, application can take from 4-16 hours, so be prepared.

Caring for Micro Braids

Now that you have invested both time and money in getting your hair braided, you have to look after them to keep them looking good and avoid hair damage. The best routine is to verify you utilize a braid spray which does not contain alcohol or oils that could cause product build up. Use sparingly and only when needed to perk up the shine and moisture levels of your braids.

When washing, braid hair into one plait and wash gently with a mild diluted shampoo once a fortnight to avoid product build up. Gently squeeze out excess water with a towel and permit to dry naturally. Always sleep with hair in a loose pony tail or plait to avoid tangling and use a sleep cap to guard your hairline.

Braid Removal

Removing your micro braids could be one of the time-consuming and tiring processes imaginable in relation to braid hair care. Braid removal can sometimes take almost as long as having them applied depending on their size. If this step will not be done correctly, it is the stage that may end up in probably the most hair breakage.

The best advice is to get your braids taken out professionally, ideally by the salon who braided them. However, this is probably not an option for some braid wearers as the fee can often be a high percentage of what was paid initially for application.

For the most effective home removal process it’s best to allow 3-6 hours and if possible enlist the help of a friend to hurry up the process. If you don’t wish to reuse the braid hair and for swiftness, it’s best to clip off the ends of the extension hair about 2 inches away from where your natural hair ends.

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On wet or dry hair (your personal choice) gently unravel the hair to the roots and slip the extension off the natural hair.

Make certain to gently massage and de-tangle each released braid before moving on to the subsequent to avoid tangling and easier combing once removal is complete. Once all of the braids are removed, gently comb the hair with a large tooth comb and then shampoo and deep condition.

Never leave your braids in for longer than 2-3 months depending on your rate of hair growth as braids left in for longer, will probably become dreadlocks at removal time. This is most often on account of product build up as well as the natural shedding of hair.

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