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I’ve Develop into A Straight Hair Pure (with out Heat Damage!)

And i like it!! That’s proper, I stated it. I’ve been natural for 15 years, big chopped twice, and don’t have anything to show. I love my natural curls. However, proper now, I like the comfort and ease of straight hair a lot more! And, generally, that’s actually all there’s to it.

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Anywho, with the arrival of the cooler and dryer air of autumn, it appeared well timed for a straight hair post. So I’m about to share why I started straightening my hair usually and how I have managed to do so for the vast majority of the last year without suffering heat injury (the latter of which at all times seems to be the mythical unicorn of the pure world ;)).

Anywho, I started straightening my hair around the 5th month of my pregnancy last 12 months. Once i realized that I might get at the least 4 weeks out of straightened hair (typically 6), it was a no brainer given my increasing ungainliness and fatigue. Once i had Wyntr in January, it once more made sense as taking care of a newborn is 2 full-time jobs and that i needed to give up my part-time (i.e. my hair on wash day). Then, as I was developing on three months submit-partum, I decided to straighten as a preemptive transfer to fight the risk of post-partum shedding. I figured that it might permit me to comb my hair between wash days as a way to get rid of excessive shedding, making detangling easier once i did get round to washing it.

That’s the why. Following is the how. But first, two caveats. Primary: I don’t care about having perfect hair 24/7. I don’t aim for bone straight hair and that i live in a bun 99% of the time (Hi there!! Eight month previous!!). So, in case you are in search of recommendation on protecting your natural hair straight and “laid” with out heat injury … ummm … this may not be for you. Quantity two: I don’t have scalp points, so I can easily go 4 weeks between wash days without excessive scalp build up/flakes.

Put together & PROTECT, Course of, PRESERVE
Following are the steps I take and my merchandise of selection. I don’t straighten my hair any more often than as soon as each 4 weeks and if I can stretch it longer, I do.

Prepare & PROTECT:
– Pre-poo to moisturize (virgin coconut oil blended with Aubrey Organics GPB and/or Honeysuckle Rose)
– Make clear to begin with a clean base (Kinky Curly Come Clear Shampoo)
– Protein treat to strengthen (Sally’s GVP Joico K-Pak)
– Deep Situation to moisturize (Sally’s GVP Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm)
– Apply a leave-in* conditioner (small quantity of Kinky Curly Knot Today blended with aloe vera juice)
– Apply a heat Protectant* (Herbal Essences Tea-Lightfully Clean Blow Dry Prep Mist)

*Observe: I’ve discovered that it’s very important to use a depart-in and heat protectant that are light and don’t depart my hair tacky. This enables my hair to glide/stream once straighten and reduces the quantity of lint and mud that it attracts.

Choose one or the opposite (this controls the quantity of heat used on the hair):
1. Blow-out slightly damp hair OR
2. Air dry hair stretched (in 2-four braids) and flat-iron (usually dry one day and flat-iron the following.

-If blowing-out:
Use a quality device (Conair Infiniti Professional three in 1 Styler with double comb attachment)

-If flat-ironing:
Use a quality instrument with temperature control (BaByliss Nano Titanium Pro)
Use lower temperatures (280-320º max)
Take small 1″ sections
Gently comb part effectively using a medium to superb tooth comb
Two to a few passes of the flat-iron on every section max

-Seal/Shine (Shea Moisture Raw Shea Reconstructor Elixir and/or Sally’s GVP Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum)

– Never re-apply heat between washes (that’s a surefire option to trigger heat harm).
– Use heat free styling methods between wash days: braids, buns, rollersets, curlformers, flexirods, pin curls, etc.
– Bun, braid, pineapple, or pin-curl hair at night.
– Use a satin bonnet or scarf and sleep on a satin pillowcase.
– Use an edge management paste/gel (Ampro Protein Gel combined with moisturizer – IKR Who knew !; Curls Blueberry Bliss)
– Use a terry-lined shower cap.
– Overlook the umbrella for the rain, use a raincoat with drawstring hood.
– Apply a mild moisturizer that doesn’t trigger reversion, as needed (Wonder Curl Get Slick Hair Smoothie; Carol’s Daughter Wholesome Hair Butter).**
– Apply a light oil as needed to seal moisture/add shine (Shea Moisture Raw Shea Reconstructor Elixir and/or Sally’s GVP Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum).**
– Oil scalp, as needed (Wild Growth Hair Oil).*
– Train with hair bunned and use an open-ended wig cap under a sweatband. (I’ll admit, I haven’t labored out with any type of to make hair straight consistency since the baby and my work-outs have been average in depth. However, up to now, this has worked for me.)

**Word: Once more, it can be crucial to use a light moisturizer and oil for upkeep to keep away from tacky hair that attracts lint and dust. By reducing the quantity of dirt the hair attracts, straight hair can be maintained for longer.

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Finally, I do take a break between straight cycles generally with a stretched braid-out, twist-out, and even a WnG as soon as! I additionally henna or henna gloss once i can. And people are my suggestions! Hope they help!

(p.s. My hair is the longest that it’s ever been and the fullest it’s been in a long time following this regimen.)

Are you a straight-hair natural What are your tips of the commerce

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to make hair straight

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