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Endorsements There are people and businesses which have an ideal personal relationship with their customers and prospects. They could not necessarily know this fact. In reality, numerous them dont even realize the quantity of pull they have with their audience. People who recommend certain stocks or trends, individuals who give great content and data to their subscribers, individuals who give investment advice, generally people who’ve a certain rapport with their subscribers. They are those you want to focus on. If their niche is non-marketing-related, a lot the better in order to chop through this niches clutter. I know someone who targeted golf enthusiasts for a marketing product, simply due to their test results. In any case, if you possibly can JV with this kind of person who will endorse your product or service, you will have an enormous advantage. Its simply probably the greatest ways to print money on demand. Please dont overlook this technique.

4pcs/Lot Virgin Peruvian Deep Wave Hair Weft Human Hair ExtensionsThese people may not even realize the connection they’ve with their list. So you would be well advised to begin with those folks.

JV Your List Building: Large List When you’ve got a big list, one in every of the simplest ways to construct it even further is to do a cross mailing. That’s, you partner with another large list owner in your target market. You send out his message to your list, he sends out your message to his list. Simple. Just remember, once your prospects or customers are on another list that sells to them, there is increased message clutter. That is, they are actually being pitched by your JV partner And you. Its a tradeoff you need to consider.

JV Your List-Building: Small List Ok, if your existing list isnt large enough to warrant a cross JV mailing as described above, heres a clever way to construct your list up quickly. Ive done this, but to not the extent I should. Ive got more deals like this in the works. Heres how it works:

Lets say your list is on the small side. “John Smith” has an enormous list. You want to JV with him, but a cross swap isnt going to persuade him. You have to be the middle person between John Smith and another large list owner.

”Jane Doe” is another huge list owner. What if you possibly can put John Smith and Jane Doe together to do a cross mailing, and you get exposure as well. Instead of a cut of profits, you conform to get a slice of the list. In other words, perhaps with a purpose to get onto Janes list from Johns, they have to come back through you first. Or, you possibly can have John mail his list with the agreement that whatever prospects Jane gets, shell share with you. Its a win/win/win situation, because all of you’re gaining new prospects on your lists.

John gets a few of Janes list.

Jane gets some of Johns list.

You get some of Janes list. Or, ideally, you get some of both lists. You are the deal maker. It wouldnt have happened without you, so depending on the deal you make, why shouldnt you get access to both lists?

to be continued….

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