To put To put In Invisible Hair Extensions

It is the standard practice to glue or sewing in of the hair extension into the hair. A double stick tape can be used to attach tracks to the hair. Such kinds of tracks are popularly called as Invisi-track or also as Invisa tracks. They’re so called because the extension is sort of invisibly blended in to the hair. Here the weave is attached to the hair with a tape which is clear and hence blends in better when in comparison with the opposite materials used for bonding. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly before applying this method.

A track tape, invisa track extensions and comb and hair dryer are what you need to do this process.

Keratin I Tip Peruvian Straight Virgin Hair ExtensionsAs the first step, the hair ought to be brushed very well.

Then find an appropriate location to place first track. It is possible to make use of track in any position on the head.

On the place where the track is to be kept, part the hair horizontally or vertically.

The double stick tape needs to be placed along this parting. This tape sticks only to the hair and to not the scalp. The tape ought to be placed under the parting taken.

Cut the extra length of the tape with a scissors.

Once the tape is in place, remove the white paper from it. And after it is removed the track is now able to be stuck to it.

The track needs to be firmly pressed into the tape with the finger.

Using an iron, straighten the hair and the tracks together. This will help them both to blend in together and also look good. Care must be taken to avoid the iron to touch the tape. Thus in this easy process we are able to easily put in invisible hair extensions into the hair thus changing the complete appearance of your hair by adding either volume to your hair or length. With small precaution of using the flat iron and holding it away from the tape the process might be easily done and invisible hair extensions can easily be put in the hair.

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