To tell To tell If it is True Virgin Indian Remy Hair

With so many brands claiming to have Virgin Remy hair and with the hefty price tag that the label carries, you will need to be able to tell if the hair you are purchasing truly is 100% Virgin Remy Hair.

High Quality 1 Piece Straight Lace Closure With 3 Pcs Virgin Straight Hair BundlesAt its most basic level, the term “remy” is used to explain hair that has been selected root end first from one single donor. The cuticles are kept intact and every hair strand is facing one direction. Remy hair is also sometimes called “cuticle hair”. In its simplest form, “virgin” describes hair that has never been processed. It is free from any chemicals corresponding to relaxer, perm, silicones, colors and dyes. Virgin Remy is the purest form available: a mix of unprocessed hair with its cuticles intact.

Let me start by saying that if you are purchasing hair in a beauty supply store, you aren’t purchasing authentic Virgin Remy Hair. Also, if you’re purchasing hair with an exact color designation such as #2 or #1B you are not buying true Virgin Remy hair. Because Virgin Remy hair has not been chemically treated or colored. It comes in natural black and brown. Color labels are attached to packages of hair because they’ve been dyed and treated that color.

This brings me to one of the very first ways to tell true virgin remy hair: the color. The color of virgin Indian Remy is that of the natural hair color of the donor. While it is true that this may be a variety of natural black and browns, it is commonly a medium brown that is commonly lighter than the store bought designation #1B. Also, the color is not going to be uniform throughout all the bundle. There will probably be different natural highlights both lighter and darker than that of the first color. In addition, there will normally be strands of grey hair throughout the package.

The second way to ensure that you are purchasing true Virgin Indian Remy hair: the hair grade and texture. Virgin Indian Remy hair just isn’t extremely silky or straight. It has a coarser more yaki-like texture that blends and appears more similar to that of women of color. Non virgin hair is usually treated with silicones and coated with a chemical straightener. This often gives it a very silky and straight feeling. While you run your fingers across non virgin hair you’ll be able to often feel this extra layer of coating.

An important test of the authenticity of hair is how it responds when wet. Non virgin hair often gets heavy when wet. Virgin hair will regain its natural curl or wave pattern when wet. And upon drying it should often be lighter or less weighty than it was when dry. This is often as a result of the truth that dirt and product buildup was removed when it was wet. It is important to remember the fact that simply because hair gets wavy or curly when wet, that doesn’t mean that it’s virgin Remy hair. There are quite a few lines that provide wet and wavy hair that’s neither virgin nor Remy.

In conclusion, Virgin Indian Remy hair might be an important investment. Its natural luster, shine and texture blend perfectly with most natural hair types. In addition they offer a versatility and quality that’s unparalleled in any other form of hair. With maintenance it could last month after month without matting or tangling. However, if you will spend your money making this purchase it will be significant to make sure that you are getting authentic virgin Indian Remy hair. (Insert sentence about what true virgin Indian Remy hair is).

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