Tree Braids Are Possible With Curly, Straight, And Wavy Human And Synthetic Hair

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Tree Braids Are Possible with Curly, Straight, and Wavy Human and Synthetic Hair
Updated on December 6, 2012 Tree Braids moreTreebraids by Kaale is now part of NoSho(SM) Hair Extensions Group. Started out in corporate America, but Kaale’s passion now serves all.

Contact Author A very powerful Part of Treebraids is the Hairline
Invisible treebraids hairlineRegular treebraids hairline Tree Braids Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the wonderful world of tree braids!

Here, I’ll try to answer questions you could have about what tree braids are. Let’s face it, even after introducing them in more depth from the perspective of a Master Braider, many ladies- and their guys- still have questions. This explanation is unique to my Hub page and also you is not going to find it anywhere else, so please pay close attention.

I will attempt to answer the first of many questions which can be asked, and one that is asked probably the most:

Q:”What’s the difference between microbraids and treebraids?”

A: There are two types of treebraids, so let’s compare apple to apples. One looks like a microbraid and is called individual tree braids. The opposite is cornrow based, and therefore looks nothing like microbraids, so for purposes of illustration, we’ll compare and contrast the microbraids to the person tree braids.

Both the microbraids and individual treebraids are single braid, single plait, or stick like, if you will. The hair is braided at the scalp adding commercial hair, and continues to increase beyond the scalp until the top of the client’s hair is reached. The hair is then tied securely beyond the client’s hair usually using the commercial strands.

However, this is where the similarities end.

Q: “I like my hair very full and long- can I get that?”

A: Yes. Tree braids may be installed in your hair to be as full, or as natural looking as you want. For instance, the first picture likes her hair very long sometimes, but mostly likes the highest to look natural. Take a look on the last or third set- considered one of my client’s that loves hers very full.

One question a lot of people ask is- what happens to your individual hair? Your personal hair is cocooned within a cornrow braid (in the actual style shown- another version is plaits or individual braids) that lays very flat against the scalp and the cornrow tails end on the nape of the neck. A growing trend is more Caucasian sisters are beginning to be curious and/ or interested about this method. It might be to offer it to their clientele, or to wear tree braids themselves, who knows? A lady once asked for a weft track hair extension in the back of her head, and treebraids in the front, and she is Caucasian! She is the owner or part owner of a very popular restaurant on Rt 1 North (for those living in Central New Jersey, take a wild guess!) Already, Caucasian and mixed children are wearing them, though this trend is slowly catching on. Braiding styles are hotter than ever!

In this revised hub, I want you to pay very close attention to the first two treebraids styles- they’re cornrow based. The following two after which might be individuals.

It is feasible, because the cornrow based styles are near the scalp, to hide, using a very unique technique, bald spots, and/ or thinning hair. Unfortunately, this is an actual life problem for many women, and they can now breathe a sigh of relief!

In my next hub, I have shown you the way a Caucasian can wear cornrow tree braids with a little known technique that provides an invisible hairline.

Treebraids are an alternate to weaving and other hair additions, and hair replacement techniques that are based on either cornrows, or individual/ single braids. Treebraids are also a hair replacement technique: all of your individual hair is braided into the preferred format: individuals, or cornrows. The commercial hair or extensions strands are ignored of the cornrows or braids to flow down and give the appearance of long, luxurious, full, sexy, and at Kaales- professional looking hair.

Treebraids are essentially the most natural braiding and weaving method because there are no chemicals added- hair relaxers usually are not required prior to installation, and no heat is required either.

Easily grow your hair! Hide your braids, or flaunt them with my regular treebraids, or the invisible ones- the cornrow-based ones that appear to be hair is growing out of your scalp, very close to the hairline. This technique may be very much sought after and training is out there.

To find an invisible treebraider near you do a search online. Questions it’s best to ask your potential treebraider:

“Do you do invisible treebraids?”, and

“Will my hair look natural like hair is coming out of my scalp?”

Once braiding has started- wait until in regards to the 4th cornrow treebraid, then ask to be excused and go to the bathroom to check your hairline. If it does not appear to be hair is growing out of your scalp, ask for a refund and a removal of the braids. Run to your money!

Don’t forget to ask your potential treebraider what number of packs of hair she uses. When you have a median sized head you will only need 2pks. A lady once told me that her first time getting treebraids at a braid shop people made fun of her (people near her) calling her “Lion King”. Evidently she was not pleased- they used 4pks of synthetic hair. Yes, 4! They did not even bother to shape it into a style.

So you see, your hairline, in addition to the volume of hair used- including styling, in fact, matters. Human hair is preferred because it’s less likely to get frizzy and get pouffy.

Don’t appear to be the remaining- appear to be a Queen!

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Treebraidss by Kaale articles on hair to make use of, using color: Google search that phrase for more information or call me.

Lost 2 years ago

I am trying to find out hair I need for individual tree braids? Bulk human hair? I’m inquisitive about color as well – thank tou

CEOGirl(sm) virgin hair 2 years ago

You are very welcome

audrey cox 2 years ago

I love this sight thankyou

Kaale 2 years ago

Is this true Treebraids or did you get crochet braids often confused with Treebraids? For Treebraids when you trust that none of your own hair was left out of the Treebraids, then stand in front of a mirror with a pair of scissors.

Cut the extension hair off about an inch above the braids. The back section that you can’t see:

If you do not trust yourself to use your fingers to feel for and grab the extension hair before cutting, then do not cut them.

Next, use a safety pin to undo the knots on the tip of each treebraid. Use a rat tail comb thereafter.

If you cannot ask someone you trust. Otherwise ask your Treebraider if she does free removals -most do, including myself after hours -or ask her price.

Thank you for your question and hope it helps. Let me know.

Tree Braids 2 years ago

How do you remove tree braids? Is it difficult? Should it be done by an expert or can I take my very own out without harming my natural hair.

Yes- there are several pictures of both the cornrow treebraids and the individual version on my youtube, website, and Instagram page. Do a search on google for Treebraids by Kaale.

BD 4 years ago

can tree braids be put right into a ponytail?

AuthorTree Braids 4 years ago from Central New Jersey

Any questions? Leave comments below- I’ll reply to every remy hair inquiry!

Double Breasted Treebraids are next for new remy hair length and style rave reviews!

Keep following this hub for updates and tidbits to improve your life because it pertains to remy hair.

Tree Braids 5 years ago

Hi Taylor.

You can get the straight TreeBraids in two sizes: SmallMedium and Small- those look the very best. Please click up top to send me a message or call me for pricing. See more here:

taylor mcclone 5 years ago

i need the straight tree braids what is the value range on doing them and buying them

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