Understanding While Wearing Hair Extensions

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One of the key dilemmas for us black women is wearing a weave and working out. Typically, black hair isn’t washed everyday, especially since we generally apply perms, dyes and other products that tend to weaken the natural state of our hair. Figuring out can become problematic for women who wear hair extensions as we sweat between the tracks and are not able to scrub our extensions after every work out.

It isn’t a good idea to forgo figuring out within the gym to preserve hair extensions as we should always all try to include some aspects of a work out in our daily regimen. Braiding the hair extensions in a ponytail and wearing it in a bun will preserve the curl patterns of the hair but there remains to be the issue of sweating in between those cornrows.

We are advised to stay away from alcohol based products as they will dry out our hair extensions, while this is true, a superb work around for the difficulty of figuring out within the gym and ridding oneself of the issue with sweating, is to use an alcohol based swab to wipe in between the cornrows themselves. This can be accomplished by separating each track and dabbing the swab between each row and then using a dry shampoo on the scalp. Be mindful not to apply either to your extensions, that is a technique to rid yourself of the odor that may be acquired from sweating during work-outs and not having the option of getting a superb thorough wash after each work-out.

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