Useful Steps For Curling Hair With Straighteners

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Not many individuals are familiar with the art of curling hair with straighteners. However, you’ll come across some facilitating steps listed below that will easily help create curling hair with straighteners for duration of about 4-5 hours. If you’re enthusiastic about your straightener type, you certainly should not have to fret about it since this works with all forms of flat irons.

Firstly, it is advisable spray your hair a heat protectant spray. Comb thoroughly through the hair in order that the hair spray effect is spread throughout the hair body. Having done this, you may be assured that the hair do in the long run wouldn’t look frizzy. Also, it would have a secure hold up with no damage done to the hair because of the heat of the iron.

Next, it is best to section your hair. This is essential because it helps easy styling later. Start on the nape of the top and with only one inch above the back hair line, section the hair away and clip it. The remaining hair needs to be only an inch thick hair, closest to the hairline. Sectioning the hair would make it easier to style each hair shaft properly.

It’s believed that taking small section of hair end in smaller and tighter curls. While at the same time, for those who intend on taking large sections, you would have lose curls and just a few of them. Hence, the scale of the hair section would affect the number of curls.

There are proper steps to curling flicks in addition to curly hair. For instance, where flicks are concerned, you must start half way down of your hair length. With the iron clamps closed, the iron needs to be turned back in a half turn. Remain on the angle and move it to the end of the hair slowly. Moving slowly would give more pronounced curls on the flick while faster move would give less pronounced results.

With curls, start with the scalp and switch the iron back on an angle of half turn. This needs to be done exactly the way flicks were done. Slow moves help with crispy curls while faster moves give a gentler look. Lastly, don’t forget to endow your hair with a spray as a final touch for the curls to stay crisp for a chronic period. Author Box Christina Lynn has 1 articles online

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