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The right way to Straighten Pure Or Transitioning Hair

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Whether or not you might be transitioning or pure, warning ought to be taken when applying heat to your hair.

There’s nothing mistaken with the occasional flat iron or press, however you possibly can overdo it and alter your curl pattern completely.

And if you’re transitioning, it will probably speed up breakage — which may lower your transition shorter than you want.

Here are some tips to make sure your hair stays wholesome during your heat application
1) Deep Condition First

Deep conditioning strengthens the hair and ought wand curl to be achieved earlier than any type of major application like heat styling and even coloring the hair. It’s all about giving your hair that strength prior to making use of any heat.

Let the deep conditioner sit in your hair for not less than 30 minutes, and to get the utmost profit, sit below the dryer with a plastic cap on.

2) Blow Dry on The Coolest Setting Potential
When preparing to straighten your hair, blow dry on a cool to medium setting. The cooler the better, of course.

Three) All the time Use a Heat Protectant
Apply this to your hair earlier than straightening to add a layer of safety in your hair. Some individuals use it before blow drying wand curl and flat ironing simply to be secure.

If you wish to go the more natural route, grapeseed oil can also be an excellent protectant and may sometimes be discovered at most well being food stores like Whole Foods.

I’d suggest buying the salon-grade protectants that you can find at Sally’s or other professional beauty supply stores.

4) Reduce Heat Publicity
If you’re transitioning, heat is actually the enemy, so if you should use it, attempt to maintain it down to 1-2 times per 30 days if you’ll be able to.

Heat not only makes your delicate, transitioning hair brittle, however you’ll be able to dry it out and alter your natural hair sample as properly.

If you’re natural, chances are you’ll discover which you could straighten extra typically, however I’d nonetheless advocate limiting the amount of heat publicity as a lot as you’ll be able to because you will get heat injury and ruin your curl sample.

You’ll know when this occurs as a result of your hair won’t curl up anymore. It should look straight or semi straight like processed hair. Sometimes you may nurse the curls back by shampooing and deep conditioning, but if the harm is just too severe you’ll need to trim it off.

How typically you may flat iron/press is de facto up to your particular person hair and the way much heat you use, so just watch out.

5) Watch The Temperature
Never, ever buy a flat iron that does not have a temperature management. In order for you to keep from altering your curl pattern, strive to not exceed 350 levels. Actually, go as little as potential. If you can straighten your hair at 300 or 325 levels, then that’s even better.

6) Don’t Go Bone Straight
Intention for a semi-straight look. No, it won’t final as lengthy however you’ll protect your treasured tresses. 🙂

You might want your hair as straight as potential, but going over and over the identical strands with the flat iron can ruin your pure curl sample.

Press your hair in small sections and solely go over it as soon as. Avoid using repeated heat purposes on the identical section of hair.

7) Avoid Dominican Blowouts!
I do know they straighten higher than anything in the hairstyling world, however I’ve heard so many horror tales about ruined curl patterns after getting one of these remedies. This is just method, method a lot heat for both transitioners and naturals.

Sure, there are at all times the exceptions and not each individual has harm from these blowouts, but let’s just say I’ve heard of many extra individuals who suffered injury than those that didn’t.

Now, if you are a natural who plans to put on your hair straight on a regular basis, then loss of curl pattern is probably not a priority. However, if you need to return and forth between curly and straight, be careful with extreme heat remedies. And at all times make sure that a protectant is used.

Eight) Use Ceramic and Tourmaline-Ceramic Products
Yes, these flat irons are going to value you a little extra, however they may lessen the prospect of harm and work better. Search for the labels that say one hundred% ceramic.

The coating on the cheaper flat irons will usually put on off, and that’s a surefire way to damage your hair. Belief me, that is one space where you probably need to splurge.

Notice: I’m not a flat iron skilled. Identical to with merchandise, you must experiment and see what works on your hair. I can inform you that a lot of naturals appear to want the Sedu brand. They make a very good quality, Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron with a temperature control. Just please be careful and use at your personal threat.

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