What Eye Color Will Look Good With My Hair Color?

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Most individuals most individuals buy color contacts for fashion, after all they want to purchase contacts that look good with their general appearance. Since hair color is not something that you modify everyday, unlike clothes usually, it’s important to take notice of this if you’re thinking of dying your hair or in case your current hair color would not fit your eye color. It’s so because in the event that they do match, it may well do wonders to your appearance even in case you probably don’t think so yet.

If you’ve got brown hair then different shades of brown and blue eyes would be good for you. Especially if you have dark brown hair then brown eyes look great.

For those who’ve black hair I might recommend lighter color for eyes. Blue and light green look excellent. You may also, if possible, mix little gray with those. It makes them look little exotic though, but they may become a pair of eyes that will definitely catch attention in a positive way.

Green and blue are quite typical for those who’ve blond hair and they definitely do look attractive. Brown and hazel can look superb on blond if it has brown stripes.

Green and blue colored eyes are also quite normal choice for those with red hair, but light green eyes can look very good with red too, giving it a bit sexy look.

In fact you may and it’s best to search the internet yourself for pictures and check what colored eyes fit what hair color in your own opinion. You’ll be able to search using simple keywords like “brown hair blue eyes” and try to see if some combination’s that you are eager about would look good.

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