What Happens If You employ Shampoo With Sulfate After Keratin Treatment?

3 Bundles Peruvian  Curly Human Hair With Lace ClosureJust a few just some hours in the salon, keratin hair treatments offer the promise of straighter, smoother, frizz-free locks for months on end. Silky locks treated with keratin bring added benefits, including drastically decreased styling time and hair that defies humidity. To get the very best and longest-lasting results from a keratin treatment, you need to grasp the method and know the key to properly maintaining your sleek new mane.

About Keratin Treatments
Keratin hair treatments, also known as keratin smoothing treatments and Brazilian hair treatments, are semi-permanent professional chemical treatments performed in a salon and designed to soften curls and waves to make hair smoother, straighter and shinier. Although different brands use different formulations, these treatments typically contain keratin — the protein found naturally in hair — and chemicals resembling formaldehyde or other aldehydes, which give the treatment its staying power, along with conditioners. Depending on the treatment and post-treatment maintenance, results may last several weeks or as much as six months.

Keratin Treatment Process
There are two main sorts of keratin treatments that both begin the same way. A stylist will wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and blow it dry. The liquid keratin solution is then applied in sections with a brush and combed through the hair. The treatment is left on the head for a varying amount of time before your hair is blow dried again. Then small sections of hair are flat ironed at high heat to seal within the treatment. For some treatments, that is the final step, and you’ll must refrain from washing your hair, getting it wet or styling it for 72 hours. With the opposite type of treatment, the keratin is rinsed out after the hair is flat ironed and blow-dried a 3rd time, but there is no such thing as a wait time for washing or styling after you leave the salon. Keratin treatments typically take take between two and four hours.

Keratin Results and Concerns
Keratin offers you one of the best results if you’re looking to cut back frizz, smooth curls or add shine. Keratin treatments reduce volume and soften waves and curls but don’t completely straighten hair. These smoothing treatments work well on many types of hair, including curly hair, fine hair, coarse hair, African American hair types and color-treated or previously chemically-treated hair. Avoid keratin treatments when you have severely damaged hair or hair that can’t withstand the high heat of the flat iron that can reach 450 degrees. Although the degrees of formaldehyde present in these treatments are safe in response to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) you should avoid keratin treatments if you’re pregnant or have an allergy to formaldehyde or aldehydes.

Keratin Care and Maintenance
In case you left the salon with the treatment still in your hair, you should wait 72 hours before washing your hair, getting it wet, putting it behind your ears, or using bands or clips that may cause dents within the hair. It is strongly recommended that you utilize only sodium chloride and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Using these kind of shampoos and conditioners will provde the longest lasting results as sodium works to dissolve keratin, and sulfates are harsh lathering agents that may strip the hair of the treatment prematurely. Attempt to avoid washing hair daily, which some stylists say help prolong the effects of keratin.

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