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The best Ways To make use of Rubber Curling Rods

360 Body Wave Lace Frontal Natural Hairline Best Virgin Human Hair Closure On SaleRubber curling rods are used like hard plastic curlers, but they do not need pins or clips to hold them into place. The curling rod folds against itself to carry the twist of hair in place while the curl sets. You can use these self-fastening curlers hot or cold, and they’ll offer you a spread of curl sizes when you utilize them properly.

Cold Curls
You might think the one strategy to make curls is to heat your hair, but rubber curlers make it easy to skip the damaging heat. Spritz your hair with water until it’s slightly damp. Take a small section of your hair and twist it a couple of times. Hold the twisted hair with one hand, then roll the ends of the hair around the curler. Roll the remainder of the twisted hair over the ends to secure them to the rod. Roll the curler until it is tight against your scalp. Push the tip of the rod through the hole in the other end to secure the rod within the hair. Once all of the hair is rolled, let it dry completely and take out the rollers.

Hot Curls
Hot curls are done in the identical way, except you’ll be able to take out the curlers sooner. Heat the rods within the heater they came with for no less than quarter-hour or follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Take a small section of your hair and twist it a number of times. Hold the twisted hair with one hand whilst you remove one curler from the heater. Roll the ends of the hair around the curler after which roll the remainder of the twisted hair over the ends. Roll the curler until it is tight against your scalp. Push the top of the rod through the hole in the opposite end to secure the rod in your hair. Keep within the rollers for quarter-hour or less to avoid overheating your hair.

Fat and Skinny Curls
The scale of your curls will depend on how much hair you wrap around each curling rod. For tiny pin curls, only wrap a section of hair as thick as a pencil across the rod. To get thicker waves, wrap sections of hair about as thick as your thumb. Use the cold method to get the most effective results with thicker sections of hair.

Perfect Curls
For one of the best looking curls, remember just what is balayage hair a few facts. First, always brush your hair before you start to curl. Second, always hold the hair above your head and to an angle when you twist and roll it onto the rods. Third, dirty rollers might leave your hair looking limp, so wash them in warm water and a mild detergent after each use.

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what is balayage hair

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