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The Young And The Restless History: A Roller Coaster Ride

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The Young and the Restless History: A Roller Coaster Ride
Updated on June 21, 2016 Mary Craig moreContact Author Victor Newman
The villain everyone loves to hate! | Source Famous People who’ve Been on Y Shemar Moore, John O’Hurley, Scott Reeves, Dierdre Hall, and Eva Longoria,

Where were you March 26, 1973 Were you watching the debut of the Young and the Restless I used to be and that’s when the roller coaster ride began. All of it started with the Brooks family, the Foster family and the infamous Chancellor family. They were the beginning. (P.S. If you are not a soap opera fan this hub may not be for you — too confusing!)

The Brooks family was made up of father – Stuart, mother – Jennifer and 4 daughters; Leslie, Lori, Chris, and Peggy. The Foster family is more well known due to one of many sons, Snapper played by David Hasselhoff. The mother was Liz, the opposite son was Greg and the daughter was Jill. Jill is the only member of the family still on the show today.

The Chancellor family is the one with the bucks. (There’s always a rich family in a soap opera, I feel it’s a requisite.) The Chancellors included father – Phillip, mother – Katherine, and son Brock. The Chancellor’s have real staying power. Phillip is long gone after many interesting story lines, Brock comes back every now and then for cameo appearances however the mainstay of both the Chancellor family and the Young and the Restless is Katherine Chancellor, aka Kay.

A doctor named Casey Reed and her younger wild sister Nikki were then introduced as was Victor Newman and Paul Williams. Casey was around for a while but it surely was Nikki who could be the star and still is today. Victor Newman and Paul Williams remain as well. Victor directing the lives of his family and anyone else he can manipulate. If you ask any ‘new’ Y father – John, son – Jack, and two daughters – Ashley and Tracey; not to mention the sexy gardener and bad boy, Brad Carlton.

Patti Williams, Danny Romalotti, and Diane Jenkins were also introduced in the ’80s. The interesting thing, if you are new to Y margin:0px !important;” /> The subsequent hill on this roller coaster takes us to the 90s. New people Sheila Carter – a really bad girl, Drucilla Barber a very ambitious girl, and her doctor sister Olivia who was a beautiful person. Victor’s blind wife in Kansas, Hope. Nick Newman’s college love Sharon Collins was introduced and Danny Romalotti had an affair with Phyllis. In fact we also have Esther, Katherine Chancellor’s maid, Neil and Malcolm invloved with Dru (Drucilla Barber), John and Jill Abbott (did I tell you they married ) had a custody fight over their son Billy, and Nick and Sharon eloped.

Are you getting the thought here It gets more confusing but at the same time less confusing as old characters come back now. Drucilla fell off a cliff so she obviously isn’t returning but her sleeping with Malcom while married to Neil has turned things into an actual mess for daughter Lily. Then, years later, Neil accidentally gets Malcom’s wife pregnant. You actually, really need a score card!

Katherine and Jack
Jeanne Cooper – Katherine Chancellor 1973 to present | SourcePeter Bergman – Jack Abbott 1989 to present | Source For the last, almost 12 years, things have kept on rolling along. Diane became pregnant with what she thought was Victor’s sperm but it turned out to be Jack’s. (You will have to go back and lookup who’s who to figure this one out.)

Victor Newman and Nikki Newman have only been married 3 times but the roller coaster ride that’s their relationship has led to more breakups and reunions than you can ever dream up. They almost got married again only a month ago and the way the plot’s going it is not over yet! After all Nikki’s total number of marriages is nine, that is including the present marriage to Deacon Sharpe. Not to mention that Victor is in jail for murder purportedly protecting Nikki from the murder charge but while he is in jail he asks Sharon to marry him so he may also help protect her and her daughter! The true question is who did murder Diane Jenkins Does Victor know

What about Nick Who’s he really in love with, Phyllis or Sharon And will Sharon go back to Adam now that the Court has awarded her equal custody of her daughter The questions keep coming and coming and just while you think you may have the answer the roller coaster cars go up the hill and around a curve yet again. As Y return false;” />See results If Yes…
Which Channel


See results Best what is wrong with my hair soap or probably the greatest
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sendingAuthorMary Craig 5 years ago from New York
Internet Junky Relative – you’ve listed some stars I already had and a few I did not, thanks.

Alipuckett, so glad you liked my hub. I just stopped by your blogspot and left a comment. Hope to hear from you.

alipuckett 5 years ago
Awesome!!! I’m so happy to see a hub about Ywidth:300px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-7547369567510288″ data-page-url=”//hubpages.com/hub/Watching-the-Young-and-the-Restless” data-ad-slot=”1186173963″>

what is wrong with my hair

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