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10 Vintage Trends We Want to See Come Back

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It’s safe to say that there are lots of trends that we were more than pleased to see go (like butterfly clips and bandana tops). But sometimes, things were cool for a reason. Why would not anyone wear petticoats anymore They add a little extra volume and could make any outfit look fancier. And why are pantyhose taboo unexpectedly Hello, it means you do not should shave your what size is a large in zara legs in the summer.

In an effort to bring back a few of our favourite fads, we have compiled a list of 10 trends we need to become popular again. Are you with us

1. Chokers. Enough with the chunky, bedazzled statement necklaces: We wish chokers back!
2. Scrunchies. Okay, not only are they insanely practical, but they are a fun method to edge up your regular black elastics.

3. Caftans. They are so comfortable, how could you not love them (Also: No Spanx required!)
4. Fancy gloves. Why are gloves reserved for the outdoors What happened to the refined elegance of the 1920s Yeah, we wish that back.

5. Hats. Few things are more glamorous than a hat, yet so few individuals are brave enough to wear one anymore. Take a page out of Audrey Hepburn’s book and go for a chic topper.

6. Slips. Hollywood is stuffed with wardrobe malfunctions so it would be a welcome change if slips became de rigueur. Not only do they cover up everything that needs to be covered up, but they also finish an outfit.

7. Straight hair and center parts. Sometimes, less is more, as proven by Marcia Brady.
8. Door knocker earrings. Chunky necklaces and bracelets are back — when are big earrings going to follow

9. White eyeliner. Not all around the eye, in fact, but a touch on the lower lids can really make your eyes pop.

10. Bold blush. You can’t mix it with bold lips or bold eye shadow, but by itself, it makes an incredible statement (especially in order for you to highlight your cheekbones).

More trends from the past:

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what size is a large in zara

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