Why The Richard Marx 80s Mullet Haircut Became So Famous

Camaro hair is another term for mullets. Probably the most famous styles is the Richard Marx 80s mullet haircut. There are several different camaro cuts, and this one is known as the ‘Right here waiting’ style, named after his famous romantic song.

100% Malaysian Human Straight Virgin Hair Bundles 3pcs Thick  Straight Malaysian WeaveThe style is brief in front and on the sides and long in the back. This is particularly handy for business men who wish to party. They’ll wear the short hair in front in a business fashion and tie the back up in a ponytail catcher during meetings. The ponytail can be tucked into the shirt collar for business and let loose on weekends.

Throughout the 1980s, mullets were highly regarded. The Wall Rats, Billy Ray Cyrus, Mel Gibson, Micheal Bolton and Patrick Swayze to name a few sported them. Hulk Hogan still sports his Camaro haircut.

The term Camaro hair was coined when it started becoming popular with guys who drove power cars. However, it spread to men from all walks of life. It became varied with smoothed styles, curly styles, shaggy styles and quite a lot of others.

Soon the style spread to women too. It went well with big, shiny earrings, bright eye shadow and tights. Babies then started sporting the style too. The more conservative populations frowned upon this trend.

Until today, the style is popular in a special way. The reverse mullet has taken over. Longer hair in the front has become fashionable with celebrities such as Zac Efron. This style is generally smooth and brow length in front with a side sweep. Wispy strands add a touch of mystery and edge to the style. Women still wear updated versions of the old mullet that’s long in the back. Hair is usually colored in contrasting colors and styled either smoothed or shaggily teased.

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